Sponsored by the City of Fat, The Slow Satire Festival Is Held in Ireland Yearly

Sponsored by the City of Fat, the Slow Satire Festival is held every year in summer. I certainly would not recommend going to Ireland any other time. Did you see how dreadful it was in the Ryder Cup? Oh, that was Scotland. Not much difference if you ask me.

Anyway, the festival is located in Fat, only 28 kilometers from Dubuque. The city of Dubuque is an exciting and historical city known for manufacturing until the city fathers decided to screw people through expanding the financial industry. Where have we heard that story before, right?

Fat is famous for the filming of Braveballs as well. This Mel Gibson film was a smash hit although putting the words balls and smash together makes me wince.

Johnny Slow was Viceroy of the city of Fat back in 1700.  The city is located in Hampstead Meath, a place famous for that movie, Notting Hillside. Hampstead is run by the City of London, which pretty much has its hand in everything, mostly to the bad, and up pretty much everyone's hind quarters. It is known as the infamous Square Mile.

Johnny Slow wrote a famous satirical essay, A Modesto Proposal. which looked ahead amazingly to the establishment of Modesto, where many poor people live. In Modesto, it turns out that heartless attitudes towards the poor, something Johnny Slow hated, is now on a sort of a horrible rebound.

Modesto disenfranchises the poor by keeping their lands out of the city limits. How nostalgic!

It is unfortunate that Johnny Slow lived when he did. He could have written a famous book called Gullible Americans. But even he likely could have not comprehended the level propaganda being spread around the western world these days. I should say Slow, or is his name Swift, would be appalled.

Truth is, Jonathan Swift invented the word, Yahoo. Certainly if he saw the propaganda machine that word is now attached to he would be beside himself. I am by myself as well.

I and three other people know that Yahoo and Business Insider are full of propaganda pieces like how Putin of Russia is screwing up and how we in America are so much better. So far, all I see from America is war everywhere.  

Swift was known for hating the journey between Dubuque and London, or was that Dublin and London? He wanted to be buried in between, or so the story goes.

Swift was far from perfect. He wanted a Bishop Prick in England, and wanted to work his way up in the Church of England. How dreadful that idea was! He was forbidden from moving on up to the East Side (A Jeffersonian Ideal, George, that is), being a second class Irishman. Isn't that they way it is in Ireland and Scotland?

At least the Irish had the Braveballs to gain their independence, more than we can say for Merry Old Scotland. Or has Scotland ever been merry? 

Jonathan Swift finally realized that the treatment of the Irish by the British sucked. And he eventually came to believe that crazy people would take over government, and leave reason out.

We know that ourselves, with Dick Cheney and the 9/11 Conspiracy crew. How fooking crazy was that! And they want WW3 if they don't get Putin to be their whipping boy!

Satire does get the word out about all the fookers who are fooking with us. Go to Trim sometime and enjoy the satire at the Swift Satire Festival. And no, Meath is not the Hampstead Heath. Do I have to explain everything to you?

Ok, sigh. Dubuque is in Iowa and Modesto is in California. Oh, the need for geography classes continues! 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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