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Israel Hits an Evil New Low Wants to Pay Israeli Citizens to Leave Israel

Israel is scraping the bottom of the barrel now. The new low is being caused by Foreign Minister Lieberman, who wants to pay the Israeli Arabs, citizens of Israel, to leave Israel for a new Palestinian state. That is like the US paying for whites, or Asians, or blacks, or Hispanics to leave the US for some other nation. This is so off the wall that it is racist apartheid. It proves Israel is a racist nation. The US must wash its hands of Israel. This apartheid has gone too far. I posted this at the Yahoo message board: Herzl, father of Zionism, said in 1895 that the native population must be paid to leave the Zionist state that would come. He said the poor should be "spirited across the border" and the land owners should be paid. Well in Plan Dalet the Israelis tortured and killed and stoned men, women and children and they moved 750 thousand Palestinians off the land. So now when this Zionist Lieberscum says he wants to pay, will violence follow? Will persecution

Bumbling British Spies Collect So Much Information They Can't Spot a Terrorist Statement on Facebook

Bumbling British spies are overwhelmed by the information they collect. They have so much info that they can only process a small amount of it. Count on spies to screw up spying. That is what they seem to do best.  Or, like in Iraq, they are ignored so that Cheney could invade with the lame excuse that there were weapons of mass destruction. Spies are only there to be manipulated, while they hurt long fought for liberties for the rest of us. Weapons were finally found, but they had been abandoned by Saddam Hussein for years. It was a complete joke, this "spy information".It was really a criminal war for oil, but the criminal is the most powerful nation on earth. America gets away with it. In the spirit of humor and satire, although it is the truth, British spies blame Facebook, itself, for not sifting through the conversations of members and warning the spy network of a terrorist threat. Truth can be funnier than fiction. Can you believe this? We spies have too much in

News for the Week Ending 11/28/2014 Noah Bonsey, Ferguson, Naked Acrobat, British Spies, Invading Sheep

Noah Bonsey wants the US to engage in regime change in Syria by making the idiotic argument that Assad's existence increases ISIS fighters. The opposite is true. The weakening of Assad increased ISIS fighters. Yinon Zionism called for regime change in Syria and Iraq. Yinon Zionism called for Iraq divided into three parts. This killing will never end thanks to Yinon Zionism. And Noah is just repeating it in a new form. Noah Bonsey is a senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, which touts itself as a solver of deadly conflict. We laugh because regime change appears to be a solution for solving deadly conflict in this upside down world of ICG. George Soros, Exxon, BP, the Hauser Foundation, and the Rockefellers are just a few folks who donate to this globalist piece of crap organization. That should tell you all you want to know. If you love your sovereign nation you will not trust Noah Bonsey or the ICG.    Bay Area Rapid Transit, affectionately known as BART, has ass

President Obama Proves He is an Evil Zionist by Getting Rid of Chuck Hagel

President Barack Obama is a Zionist. I have argued this for some time. He proved it by getting rid of Chuch Hagel today. He got rid of the last American patriot, today. Yinon Zionism offers a peek into the thought of Zionism. Yinon sought regime change in Iraq, and then in Syria. Obama wants regime change in Syria and Hagel didn't. Hagel looks at ISIS as the threat. Obama takes the position of Israel, that ISIS is nothing, but Iran is the threat. Turns out, Israel wants the Yinon Iraq division. Israel wants Iraq divided up into three parts, Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish. And destroying ISIS would upset that Israeli plan. Hagel looked at ISIS as a serious threat. Israel looks at Iran as the threat. Israel doesn't care if the rest of the middle east is in turmoil, as it just makes Israel stronger. With regard to Syria, Israel wants chaos there as well. That is the Yinon plan and there is no reason to believe that Israel wavers from that plan. It makes no sense, if you think

News for the Week Ending 11/21/2014

Concerning the San Bernardino bankruptcy , Ambac is a creditor! Ambac is a company that insured crap mortgage bonds like they didn't know what they were doing! Wow, talk about throwing their shareholders under the bus. Ambac, the courts are ruling, was just a damn sucker to take on those mortgages and insure them. But then they want a piece of California cities that went south financially because of the housing bubble? You must be kidding me! If these idiots and the other monolines had not insured the crap loans it is likely these cities would not be broke. Speaking of Ambac, it is sad that the monoline cannot recover from the Too Big to Fail Banksters, however. But it isn't over for Ambac with the banksters. They could get trustees of the bad mortgage bonds to force the TBTF banksters to take back the mortgages. So, we wish the poor monolines well, but we aren't sure they will win against the New World Order. And of course, Ambac could prevail against the bankster

Obama Declares Economics to Be God. The Russians Disagree

President Obama, paid shill of the New World Order, has declared economics to be God. Unfortunately, God and Russia have different ideas. God hates empire based on economic oppression. That means Obama and his cronies are in the eternal cross hairs of the Almighty. We aren't saying that Putin is holy or good. But he is a man of principle when it comes to defending Russia against the world order. And Russia is willing to endure economic pain in order to make changes to its economy that can only hurt Obama and the cronies and the economy of Europe. Russia is pushed into the arms of China, and seeks more homegrown industry. Russia endures economic pain to jettison the dollar. Sometimes principle overcomes economics. The USA leadership, having been corrupted by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Israel and Neocon/Zionist greed and lust for power, and having been made rich by liar loans and by speculation, miscalculated with Russia. The globalists look pretty stupid worshiping at the

Fearing a New Isla Vista, Santa Maria Sends Helicopter to Stop Food Fight Near Bank of America

Fearing another Isla Vista, police in Santa Maria, California send a helicopter to Righetti High School, less than a mile away from Bank of America on Broadway. That high school experienced a mammoth food fight. Well, maybe more like a miniature mammoth. Only 4 people were involved. Yes, a helicopter for a 4 person food fight. (He laughs uncontrollably) The police spokesman said that Isla Vista is always on the mind of any law enforcement officer in Santa Barbara County. Nothing can get out of hand. Anarchy must be reined in. Of course, Isla Vista is famous, or infamous, for the burning down of Bank of America. When you see banks being built like metal fortresses, you can thank the guys who started that fire after the Kunstler speech, for bankster caution going forward. There is no other sane reason that a helicopter would be sent to a food fight among 4 fricken people if it weren't for the nearby location of the bank. Or perhaps the idiot law enforcement officers in Santa M

This Article Vindicates My Claim that Markets Are Cornered by the Bankers

It is obvious that markets in commodities are cornered by the bankers. And this cornering of the market costs the middle class billions of dollars. It is wrong, and it is theft. It is legalized theft, but it is still stealing from the poor and the middle classes. These bankers should all be ashamed of themselves, but there is no conscience at work here. None whatsoever. They are hardened like the guy who kills on a contract. Anyway, here is the article showing markets are indeed cornered. For more information please read my ebook, Examples of Globalization , which offers my ebooks in one ebook, at a big discount along with newer material. I also have written satire on the New World Order, and continue to attempt to fan interest in a subject every American must know about but few care. The media doesn't cover the evils of globalization, and the dark side of globalist behavior. But somebody has to.

I Went to a Libertarian Rally Against the New World Order and Punched the Speaker in the Kisser

Well, I went to a Libertarian rally against the New World Order and punched the speaker in the kisser. He deserved it. He started talking about getting rid of Social Security. I tried to reason with him. I really did. I told him that Social Security was an answer to bankster abuse in the past. I told him that social security was a system that became the only income for some elderly people, although they should have saved more while working. He said Social Security stops self reliance. I told him that self reliance is hampered by the banksters driving up prices artificially on goods we buy, like oil and food, but that you have to work to get retirement benefits. I asked how did that hurt self reliance? I told him that people need protection from the abuses of the rich and social security is one such important protection. He started ranting at that point, and I told him that he was a left over from the Tea Party and Libertarian fringe group known as the John Birch Society. I told

Putin Warns Canadian Prime Minister that He Will Take Over Northern Canada

Vladamir Putin had his hand shook by Canadian Prime Minister Harper, and then told Harper that Northern Canada will be a part of Russia in the near future. Harper, a no name from an insignificant country, said he would shake Putin's hand but warned Putin that he had to exit the Ukraine. That is when Putin let Harper in on the secret. We are all for sovereignty of the nations, but Russian sovereignty has been threatened more than any other in the arrogance of western leaders and their refusal to back off regarding Russia's security concerns. The efforts the west has made to undermine the Ukraine (with big money to the new government when it was the opposition) as a means of attacking Russia is well known. So Putin will answer aggression with aggression. He has no choice. He realizes that there are nuclear subs from the USA in the Arctic Ocean, but intends to dig the mother of all BARTS (Bay Area Transit System), under the seabed. So, the plan is for Putin to take over t

News for Week Ending 11/14/2014 Obama, Occult, Scott Walker, Foreclosures, Christmas

No offence to pigs, but President Obama is acting like a Zionist pig with his latest view that Assad of Syria must be removed in order to defeat ISIS. This is the plan of Yinon Zionism, a plan written over 30 years ago! This plan for regime change and a breaking up of Syria also was a plan for the breaking up of Iraq which we now have. This is an evil plan, with innocent people, including women and children, dislocated and murdered to make the Israelis and their handlers, the globalist multiracial Zionists here and in the UK, happy. Shame on Obama. Perhaps Putin will put an end to this Zionist/Neocon folly.  The Republicans now admit that Obama is a Zionist, not a Muslim. They were caught discussing Obama as Muslim as a political tactic to fool the American people and get more votes for themselves. CBS announces it will program only the occult and sports next season because that is all everyone wants to watch. But we know that the multiracial Zionist cabal has strong interest in

The Failure of Freddy Nietzsche--He Announces that Kabbalah Destroys His Philosophy

Friedrich Nietzsche (who will be referred to as Freddy going forward) announced from the grave that he was wrong about the true God. However, he also said that leaders should not have misguided religion, but rather be religion neutral, and it doesn't hurt for them to have some personal moral code. This may be a departure from his writing while he was alive, and if it is a departure, the reason for this departure is the rise of Kabbalah and Lucifer worship. He doesn't want world government to descend to those depths of deception. I am no Freddy expert, but I know he would not have desired Lucifer worship. Come on people! Freddy made the announcement that beyond good and evil didn't mean that you make evil good and good evil. He believed good and evil could change based on different fluid situations, but the cabal of Kabbalists turn that on its head. The Kabbalah teachers do permit, in their advanced teachings, the moral acceptance of evil, ie making evil into good. Fred

PDF Showing Mass Casualty Exercise Was Planned on Day of Sandy Hook Hoax

Sandy Hook was a hoax. There were no tears recorded from the happy parents, who got happier in the weeks after the fake massacre. They got happier because donations were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to each "parent". We know the bad actors, like Robbie Parker and the others, who failed to deliver believable performances. Now we see that FEMA was planning a drill about mass casualties on the very day of Sandy Hook. What a bunch of hogwash the government expects people to believe. The Hoax was carried out with all the FEMA personnel in place. Keep in mind that this drill was to assess the affect of a mass casualty on CHILDREN. How convenient that they found a real massacre of children on the very same day they were going to have a drill measuring response plans for mass casualties of children. Only it wasn't real people, and they were not so lucky. Truth is, they planned the massacre to measure the effect and power of their Zionist media upon the US citizenry!

Netanyahu Hopes that His War Crimes Force Jews Everywhere to Side with Him

Bibi Netanyahu, leader of Israel, has admitted in a press conference that he hopes Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians will force Jews to side with him going forward. The murderous leader told Gary Anderson, who asked about the lack of support for Israel by young American Jews, that his plan is to gain their support by deceptive means. He said that deception is what Israel is all about, and that anything can be overcome with a powerful lie. Netanyahu said his plan was to make Jews hated throughout the world because of his dirty deeds. His goal is to get Jewish people who are antagonized by racism against them to donate money to the Jewish nation. A secondary goal of a man compared to the most ruthless leaders in history, is to get Jewish folks to move to Israel and that is accomplished by real hatred shown against Jews. This hatred is misguided, but that is what Netanyahu wants. Bibi doesn't care if it is misguided. He wants people to think the Jewish race fully su

News for the Week Ending 11/07/2014 Argentina,Sovereignty,SuperNAP, Ferguson, Election

Argentine president Kirchner attacks the USA by threatening to end relations with the US. She claims a government official is working with the hedge funds who want to bleed Argentina. Argentina claims that if it must pay Singer and other hedge fund vultures full value for the bonds they bought, that it would establish liability to pay all the bondholders in full, rather than the negotiated settlement. At a press conference Gary Anderson has said that the banksters are wrong to be doing this vulturous behavior to a sovereign nation. This is a globalist attack on sovereignty of the nations and even the US gives up sovereignty to the globalists. Why do you think that no banksters were prosecuted for the housing bubble and crash? Even the US government is being used by the banksters and prosecutions were not made of the people who spread toxic bonds based on faulty mortgages or the people who let them. The former include Henry Paulson, who was, instead, promoted to Secretary of the Tr

Russia invents a Laser Shield for Its Nukes. Hope for World Peace Still Remains

Russia has invented a laser shield for its nuclear arsenal, and world peace still has a chance. When the Russians sought a treaty at the United Nations, to prevent other weapons in space, it had not invented this shield yet. So, the treaty was to augment the space treaty already in force, that says no nukes in space. The new treaty was to stop other weapons from being launched into space. Of course Israel and the United States were the only two nations to reject the treaty, as all the other nations signed it.  So, you ask, why did the USA and Israel reject the treaty? It is because of their globalist desires of course. They are for the Zionist/Neocon ideal of world takeover, and they proved it with this vote. Turns out, the weapons that they want in space are the lasers, with a capability to destroy ballistic missiles. The program was started by Ronnie Raygun, that overhyped president who also allowed liar loans to be established in to law. Certainly the program was heavily s