Bumbling British Spies Collect So Much Information They Can't Spot a Terrorist Statement on Facebook

Bumbling British spies are overwhelmed by the information they collect. They have so much info that they can only process a small amount of it. Count on spies to screw up spying. That is what they seem to do best. 

Or, like in Iraq, they are ignored so that Cheney could invade with the lame excuse that there were weapons of mass destruction. Spies are only there to be manipulated, while they hurt long fought for liberties for the rest of us.

Weapons were finally found, but they had been abandoned by Saddam Hussein for years. It was a complete joke, this "spy information".It was really a criminal war for oil, but the criminal is the most powerful nation on earth. America gets away with it.

In the spirit of humor and satire, although it is the truth, British spies blame Facebook, itself, for not sifting through the conversations of members and warning the spy network of a terrorist threat. Truth can be funnier than fiction. Can you believe this? We spies have too much information and we can't process it so Facebook, you need to process it. Do they ever consider how stupid they sound?

The satire, of course comes from my absolute disdain of this whole process by a bunch of bumbling, fumbling keystone cops. They just can't get anything right. They are buried with paper, like every government agency I know.

The budget of the US is so large that congress cannot read the whole thing and passes it sight unseen. And yet, private enterprise can't launch a Russian rocket without having it explode. The government seems a little better equiped for rocket launching.

Perhaps big government and big business suffer from the same thing, like ships impossible to steer or resistant to course changing. And yet both work to squeeze small business out. That hurts society as a whole as small business comes up with innovation and jobs.

But I digress. Certainly spying is an essential and dirty aspect of sovereign nation security. But the alternative is a New World Order, with almost a one world government or a world with one law code, binding the nations. That is all dangerous stuff. Ben-Gurion said that code would come from an atheistic Israel. He was an ambitious globalist. I would rather have the bumbling spies of the UK to laugh at, than be ruled by the world view of Ben-Gurion, atheistic father of Israel. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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