I Went to a Libertarian Rally Against the New World Order and Punched the Speaker in the Kisser

Well, I went to a Libertarian rally against the New World Order and punched the speaker in the kisser. He deserved it. He started talking about getting rid of Social Security. I tried to reason with him. I really did. I told him that Social Security was an answer to bankster abuse in the past. I told him that social security was a system that became the only income for some elderly people, although they should have saved more while working.

He said Social Security stops self reliance. I told him that self reliance is hampered by the banksters driving up prices artificially on goods we buy, like oil and food, but that you have to work to get retirement benefits. I asked how did that hurt self reliance?

I told him that people need protection from the abuses of the rich and social security is one such important protection. He started ranting at that point, and I told him that he was a left over from the Tea Party and Libertarian fringe group known as the John Birch Society.

I told him that socialism in small doses actually protects against the abuses of the rich. I told him that crony capitalism is what we have now. Yes, the New World Order financed communism, and the wars that are fought. But that has nothing to do with the average guy who gets caught in the middle.

Then I told him that the bankers want to horn in on Social Security by wanting to privatize it. He said privatization was good, and I said who for? The banksters, thats who, I said, the very New World Order he wanted to oppose.

I asked him, are you sure you are against the New World Order?

He asked about the debt. I said the national debt doubled because of easy money loans and the failures that followed made by the banksters. I said that has nothing to do with Social Security.

He started to wag his head. That was it. I punched the little idiot right in the kisser. Pow. He was decked like the king of spades. He was a little twit. I turned around and got out of that John Birch looney bin. Just remember all this when you think Rand Paul is a normal guy. These people are fringe and great Americans like Dwight Eisenhower were keen on keeping them fringe.

For more information of the wickedness of Libertarianism, read my ebook or audiobook, Libertarianism, the UK Big Bang, and How They Ruined America. It is on Amazon.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.



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