Israel Hits an Evil New Low Wants to Pay Israeli Citizens to Leave Israel

Israel is scraping the bottom of the barrel now. The new low is being caused by Foreign Minister Lieberman, who wants to pay the Israeli Arabs, citizens of Israel, to leave Israel for a new Palestinian state. That is like the US paying for whites, or Asians, or blacks, or Hispanics to leave the US for some other nation. This is so off the wall that it is racist apartheid. It proves Israel is a racist nation.

The US must wash its hands of Israel. This apartheid has gone too far. I posted this at the Yahoo message board:

Herzl, father of Zionism, said in 1895 that the native population must be paid to leave the Zionist state that would come. He said the poor should be "spirited across the border" and the land owners should be paid. Well in Plan Dalet the Israelis tortured and killed and stoned men, women and children and they moved 750 thousand Palestinians off the land. So now when this Zionist Lieberscum says he wants to pay, will violence follow? Will persecutions follow? Zionists were evil from the start, before the Holocaust, before any conflict with Arabs. Wake up America. The only reason the US is with Israel is because our people are invested in Genie Energy, oil in Syria and in the Arab pipeline that Israel supports. Regime change in Syria is the method used so that pipeline will go to Europe. This has caused many innocent people to die and the blood is on the hands of the Israelis and US Neocons.

The Israeli world view was wicked in the beginning and it is now revealing this wickedness again. The US government cannot support this behavior and liberal Zionists like Rachel Maddow must speak out! She is against racism everywhere but Israel? We want to know.

Murdoch, Cheney, Rothschild and US citizens are invested in this oil field in Syria in the Golan Heights. The weakening of Syria will allow this theft of Syria oil to occur. Then the pipeline that will run through southern Israel, called the Arab Gas pipeline, will bring Syrian oil and/or gas, controlled by Israel, to an Egyptian port in the Sinai.

However, this pipeline could also be extended directly through Syria to Europe.

That pipeline business, a dirty business, is another reason why we suffer this evil little nation that has way too much power and seeks even more. We are lead around by our Eagles beak by this wicked Zionism.

Here is the article showing Lieberman's true evil intend and wicked heart.

Ebooks (also in audiobook form) exposing Israel and Zionism, both in the US and in Israel:

False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies

The Anglo-American Empire, Regime Change and the Ambition of Israel

Wicked Zionism


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