Netanyahu Hopes that His War Crimes Force Jews Everywhere to Side with Him

Bibi Netanyahu, leader of Israel, has admitted in a press conference that he hopes Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians will force Jews to side with him going forward.

The murderous leader told Gary Anderson, who asked about the lack of support for Israel by young American Jews, that his plan is to gain their support by deceptive means. He said that deception is what Israel is all about, and that anything can be overcome with a powerful lie.

Netanyahu said his plan was to make Jews hated throughout the world because of his dirty deeds. His goal is to get Jewish people who are antagonized by racism against them to donate money to the Jewish nation.

A secondary goal of a man compared to the most ruthless leaders in history, is to get Jewish folks to move to Israel and that is accomplished by real hatred shown against Jews. This hatred is misguided, but that is what Netanyahu wants. Bibi doesn't care if it is misguided. He wants people to think the Jewish race fully supports the evil deeds of Israel.

But we know that Real Torah Jews and other groups like Jewish Voice for Peace hate the Zionism that exists in Israel. It is wrong to hate these people for the deeds of Netanyahu. Anderson asked Netanyahu in a follow up question why it doesn't bother him that Jewish people outside of Israel bear the brunt of his policies. He said that nationalism in Israel is all that matters, and that Jewish people who have a peaceful life outside of Israel thinking they can ignore Israel will not be permitted to continue in such bliss.

Anderson thought that was pretty mean spirited. Netanyahu added in his answer:

I am a mean son of a bitch. I don't take prisoners, and I don't give an inch when it comes to the Palestinians. My Zionism including the Yinon Version says that they are to be made prisoners or banished. They can choose to live in poverty and squalor or they can get the hell out of Palestine! We have the backing of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and we do what we want because we can.
Anderson was stunned at the pleasure in evil that Netanyahu enjoys. He says that Jews in America don't have to agree with him, only hate the racists more.

What we can learn from this interview is that we cannot be racist towards Jews if we are to defeat the idea of this Wicked Zionism. It just won't work and never has worked and never will work. We can learn that education of young Jewish people starts with an understanding of the Torah of the Bible, the Old Testament.

That Torah clearly teaches an establishment of a New Zion by the Messiah, not by a bunch of atheistic Zionists who have a misplaced nationalist zeal not sanctioned by the Torah.

We can learn from Bibi that Israel is ruthless, and the cabal of Zionists who are the moneyed elite not only want Israel to be supported world wide, but also want Israel raised to world power in a world controlled by the financial cabal of these elite men and women. Zionists worldwide are multiracial, but they have a two headed goal, like a two headed snake. They want Israel exalted and they want world financial and political domination.

One does not have to take a religious position to see horrific war crimes and be offended by a wicked Israel. Multiple witnesses to the Gaza invasion of 2014 have said that Israel used live bullets against children throwing rocks, and wiped out defenseless children who were not being used as shields in any way.

As the press conference ended, Anderson made the statement that Netanyahu is rejecting the God of the Bible in favor of a misguided nationalism. Bibi said:

We now have the technology to live 200 years. We will almost be like God.

Anderson retorted, in your dreams, Bibi, in your dreams.

Read up on other evil deeds regarding Zionism in the ebook and audiobook: Wicked Zionism.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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