News for the Week Ending 11/07/2014 Argentina,Sovereignty,SuperNAP, Ferguson, Election

Argentine president Kirchner attacks the USA by threatening to end relations with the US. She claims a government official is working with the hedge funds who want to bleed Argentina. Argentina claims that if it must pay Singer and other hedge fund vultures full value for the bonds they bought, that it would establish liability to pay all the bondholders in full, rather than the negotiated settlement.

At a press conference Gary Anderson has said that the banksters are wrong to be doing this vulturous behavior to a sovereign nation. This is a globalist attack on sovereignty of the nations and even the US gives up sovereignty to the globalists. Why do you think that no banksters were prosecuted for the housing bubble and crash? Even the US government is being used by the banksters and prosecutions were not made of the people who spread toxic bonds based on faulty mortgages or the people who let them. The former include Henry Paulson, who was, instead, promoted to Secretary of the Treasury for his crimes and the latter include Alan Greenspan and Timothy Geithner.

Gary Anderson posted this response to a misguided Examiner article claiming that Zionism was a good thing for the world and for Jewish people even though Obama disagreed with Netanyahu on the settlements in the West Bank:  Zionism is not merely an establishment of a homeland. It is much more than that. This is why Anti Zionism and anti Semitism are not the same. Torah believing Jews say that the Torah prophets assigned the establishment of the New Zion to the Messiah, not to a few self avowed atheist globalists who had designs on world takeover. They have the Rothschilds behind them, for crying out loud. Yes, Obama is still a Zionist but that is not a good thing. How many Zionist banksters did he prosecute? Did he work with the Neocon Zionists to destabilize the Ukraine, Libya and Syria? Of course he did. Americans are lulled into thinking Zionism is a good thing. It is not. Ben-Gurion, father of Zionism wanted a world court established in Jerusalem to rule the nations. Obama may not want as much war as the chief US Zionist, Dick Cheney did, but he is a Zionist, not a Muslim.West Bank settlements are a sign that Zionism has a desire to establish a Greater Israel with land grabs that are significant.

Kevin Nananananana,nanananana played well in Malaysia this weekend. He is a journeyman golfer who has received kudos from Steve Perry. His fellow Las Vegas resident, Ryan Moore also played well, winning the tournament. Kevin finished tied for second.

Ferguson police got the US government to block news helicopters by making the airspace over the county off limits. The AP obtained a report that this was true, that it was not for safety, but rather to stop the press from reporting the truth. The AP reported this on Sunday because the citizens are all watching football and AP is mostly part of the government anyway.

President Obama's greatest Zionist achievements are a rejection of Syria as a partner to get rid of terrorists and the failure to prosecute the banksters for the housing bubble and crash. Both actions prove that Obama is not a Muslim, but rather, is a Zionist.

Rand Paul showed his death wish for the Republican Party as he advised the party to quit trying to pass voter ID laws. He knows that the Republicans don't have a chance if they can't stop people from voting.

Gary Anderson asks if Switch SuperNAP, the most secure database center in the world, is opposed to putting nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. After all, Switch does not want earthquakes, and that is why it located to Nevada. Digging around Yucca Mountain to store nuclear waste could cause an earthquake. Mr Anderson (me), believes this is a no brainer, and that we need a ban on Yucca Mountain! That is one nuclear waste suppository that should be "wasted", terminated by the government. Or is it repository? I need a NAP.

Republicans take back the senate. When the presidential electon comes that will likely be reversed because America will see that the Republicans may want to screw main street even more than the Democrats, although it is a close call.

Republican Governor Scott won in Wisconsin, which calls into question the sanity and intelligence of the cheese heads.

Mitch McConnell could be leader of the Senate. Of course, he looks like that fake picture of Adam Lanza, the fake killer in the fake Sandy Hook Hoax. He is a very scary dude if you keep looking at him too long.

John War-Without-End McCain is planning on running for president in 2016. He is planning on having the Maverick brawler Sarah Rothschild-Sponsored Palin for lunch, er, I mean, as a running mate. 

The Sleazy Democrats could have accused the Republicans of 9/11 by now. Only two brave ones did and they were silenced it appears. Kerry said WTC7, the tower not hit by a plane, the third tower, was demolished. It is on Youtube. And Howard Dean publically asked W Bush about his involvement in 9/11. I don't think the Zionist press spread that info very well, as it is against the interest of the Zionists who were in on 9/11.

Russia has decided to join OPEC as the cartel is taking action to boot Saudi Arabia out for undercutting the world oil price. OPEC should shun Saudi Arabia like a stinky glob of used toilet paper. 

Gene Simmons of Kiss may be a Zionist. We are not certain, but he did take a lot of heat for his defense of Donald Sterling, who said that Israel treats blacks poorly so he didn't see anything wrong with it. How Simmons could defend a POS like Sterling is beyond me. Not only this, but Gene Simmons is a failure as a song writer. He is pathetic. Wagging tongues do not translate into song writing skill. His buddy Stanley sucks as a song writer as well.  

Israel was found by Amnesty International to have committed war crimes in the most recent war and assault against Gaza. Reckless disregard for the civilian population was something we already know happened anyway. Amnesty announces plans to launch missiles from a flotilla on Tel Aviv as a sign of its displeasure. I think Amnesty should take a more judicial action against Israel and bomb the hell out of that nation using surplus missiles procured from the US defense department. Just kidding.

Business Insider continues to publish the rubbish written by Tony Badran. In one article, Badran says the USA handcuffed Israel because of the settlements on Palestinian land. But in truth, Israel handcuffed Israel because of the settlements. Badran, and Business Insider, where I used to contribute, come across as propaganda fomenters and one reader said Business Insider is CIA clickbait. Lol.

The US Air Force Academy punished a fellow for exposing football players who were racists. The Academy booted  him out six weeks prior to graduation. What a place. What an honorable and honest place! I wouldn't send my dog to the Air Force Academy. Woof. Woof. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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