News for the Week Ending 11/28/2014 Noah Bonsey, Ferguson, Naked Acrobat, British Spies, Invading Sheep

Noah Bonsey wants the US to engage in regime change in Syria by making the idiotic argument that Assad's existence increases ISIS fighters. The opposite is true. The weakening of Assad increased ISIS fighters. Yinon Zionism called for regime change in Syria and Iraq. Yinon Zionism called for Iraq divided into three parts. This killing will never end thanks to Yinon Zionism. And Noah is just repeating it in a new form.

Noah Bonsey is a senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, which touts itself as a solver of deadly conflict. We laugh because regime change appears to be a solution for solving deadly conflict in this upside down world of ICG. George Soros, Exxon, BP, the Hauser Foundation, and the Rockefellers are just a few folks who donate to this globalist piece of crap organization. That should tell you all you want to know. If you love your sovereign nation you will not trust Noah Bonsey or the ICG.   

Bay Area Rapid Transit, affectionately known as BART, has assigned a roving officer to watch for naked acrobats. This is a very specialized position and the officer can do back flips in a full uniform while carrying a baton. It was determined that this roving officer had to be as acrobatic as the naked acrobats.

The Logan Airport copycat naked man fell through the drop down ceiling in the woman's bathroom, and proceeded to leave the bathroom and beat up an 84 year old man. Logan is looking into a naked man monitor working full time to keep this sort of craziness from getting out of hand. It has been reported that the naked man at Logan wanted to emulate his BART hero, but was not physically up to the challenge.

Uber was banned from operating in the State of Nevada. The guy who banned it said it was a really good business model. But unfortunately, taxi cab service in Las Vegas is locked up by high priced rides that are helping make some politician filthy rich. That is just a guess. Is Uber finished?

It was reported that the British spies have so much information that they can't find a terrorist comment amongst all the information they collected. This is actually very funny if it weren't for the fact that they shouldn't be recording all this information.

Lee Rigby was killed tragically in the UK. But why is Facebook to blame when the spies in the UK had the information of a murder threat? We know the spies had no means to sift through all their information, but then they blamed Facebook. We don't want facebook reading everything we write. We can go somewhere else you know. Time for the UK to hire some people to read through the conversations instead of blaming Facebook. Maybe social media is doomed.

The Fiscal Times reported that the big fear among Wall Streeters is they would get caught flat footed if the Saudis cut oil production. Guess bets on Wall Street are a big deal to the Fiscal Times. Turns out, consumer confidence and Wall Street confidence are linked at the hip according to the Times. We thought consumer confidence measured all consumers but maybe only the banksters spend enough to move the dial. We personally don't care if Saudi Arabia spoils Christmas for banksters.

German foreign minister pinned John Kerry to the ground this week, and warned him to leave Russia alone before they all go down in economic disaster. Kerry, who now looks a little bit like Herman Munster, laughed uncontrollably at the physical confrontation. He is just a gentle giant after all. What a teddy bear.  Europe, on the other hand, knows that Russia is more important to them than the US really is. 

Turns out austerity cuts into economic growth unless a nation has a strong export growth. Since most nations don't have that, when times are tough, layoffs of government workers have the effect of slowing the economy and hurting the middle class. We are not for runaway spending, but libertarian economics, austrian economics, is not always right. We wrestle austrians for spending money.

Sheep have invaded Paris, France. Wolf attacks have driven them into the heart of the city, near the Eiffel Tower. Just kidding folks, they were brought there by farmers protesting the wolves.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is being held in a driving snow storm. Haven't you come to love that New York City weather? We out here in Las Vegas embrace it, as long as we can watch it on tv.

Foreign Minister Lieberman of Israel has offered monetary incentive to get Arab Israeli citizens to move to a new Palestinian state. This is outrageous apartheid racism and shows what an Israel founded without the Messiah's blessing can descend to. The depths of racism is shocking in this offer of cash to leave your home nation. Shameful.

Vladamir Putin has a close relationship with some leaders of the Jewish Federation of Jewish Communities, or FEOR. FEOR is Chabad, a Hassidic sect founded by Schneerson, a Rabbi who opposed secular Zionism in principle but was weak in assuming Palestine as a territory was holy. That view of holiness is opposed by True Torah Jews who believe that only the Messiah can establish the New Zion. Surely Putin has thought about these things, and seeks to encourage Russia as a safe haven for Jews, while not embracing Israel's goals of world domination. Putin is quite aware of Yinon Zionism and regime change and views regime change as a threat to Russia, not just to the middle east or Ukraine. 

Idiot uneducated white young people voted Republican, and those Republicans aim to eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit. Wake Up America! Don't rely on mainstream media to brainwash you into opposing your financial and political interests.

With regard to race relations, Las Vegas is a great town, with racial tolerance on the strip as people of all races and nationalities get along very well. Many comments on forums this week have bolstered this truth that Las Vegas residents know very well. Funny that it is a casino atmosphere that causes tolerance to flourish.

Michael Brown's killer, Officer Darren Wilson, was not indicted. Brown was found lying 150 feet from the car, yet the officer said he ran 20 to 30 feet from the car and then ran back 10 feet. That doesn't add up. And he was not scratched like a person running full speed would be if they fell onto the ground. Thanks to Karl Denniger for that insight. We don't subscribe to his libertarianism but we respect Denniger's analysis on many issues. He has an ugly blog, and could design it a little better.

Too many white people are gloating that Officer Wilson got off of the charges he was facing. They don't understand this any better than they understood the 9/11 Conspiracy or Sandy Hook Hoax. Until someone can debunk the fact that Michael Brown was lying 150 feet away from the cop car with no scrapes from falling, this looks like a coverup to us. Lies and coverups weaken the system of justice.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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