PDF Showing Mass Casualty Exercise Was Planned on Day of Sandy Hook Hoax

Sandy Hook was a hoax. There were no tears recorded from the happy parents, who got happier in the weeks after the fake massacre. They got happier because donations were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to each "parent". We know the bad actors, like Robbie Parker and the others, who failed to deliver believable performances.

Now we see that FEMA was planning a drill about mass casualties on the very day of Sandy Hook. What a bunch of hogwash the government expects people to believe. The Hoax was carried out with all the FEMA personnel in place. Keep in mind that this drill was to assess the affect of a mass casualty on CHILDREN. How convenient that they found a real massacre of children on the very same day they were going to have a drill measuring response plans for mass casualties of children. Only it wasn't real people, and they were not so lucky. Truth is, they planned the massacre to measure the effect and power of their Zionist media upon the US citizenry!

Here is the PDF:

Sandy Hook Mass Casualty Drill

I joke about the absurdity of these drills and hoaxes and false flags in my satire, but they are truly evil manifestations of globalist Zionism, which is a multiracial cabal of the elite in the West.


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