Putin Warns Canadian Prime Minister that He Will Take Over Northern Canada

Vladamir Putin had his hand shook by Canadian Prime Minister Harper, and then told Harper that Northern Canada will be a part of Russia in the near future.

Harper, a no name from an insignificant country, said he would shake Putin's hand but warned Putin that he had to exit the Ukraine. That is when Putin let Harper in on the secret.

We are all for sovereignty of the nations, but Russian sovereignty has been threatened more than any other in the arrogance of western leaders and their refusal to back off regarding Russia's security concerns. The efforts the west has made to undermine the Ukraine (with big money to the new government when it was the opposition) as a means of attacking Russia is well known.

So Putin will answer aggression with aggression. He has no choice. He realizes that there are nuclear subs from the USA in the Arctic Ocean, but intends to dig the mother of all BARTS (Bay Area Transit System), under the seabed.

So, the plan is for Putin to take over the arctic property now belonging to Canada. It is just sitting there producing nothing and Putin has big plans for oil exploration. He will also be able to do this because no one else wants to make war in the cold. It is just too damn cold for the Americans. And the Canadians are too weak militarily.

The Russians want to make good on their promise to let Sarah Palin see Russia from her back yard. The brawling Rothschild protege claimed she was close to Russia, and now she will be really close. One wonders if Alaska is next.

After all, MH-17 downed plane was blamed on Putin and the Ukraine rebels. This has made Putin very unhappy. But surely the US has satellite evidence of the incident. But the US has been silent regarding supplying that evidence. Putin knows that the US fomented the Ukrainian revolution. So, perhaps he sees the takeover of Canada as a bargaining chip to make MH-17 go away. We can't say who shot the plane down at this point. 

But we know a Russian arctic presence will make US aggression on other fronts less profitable for the west. Canadian responses to any Russian incursions will be a joke. We already know this. Harper goes to the north once a year. in the summer! Lol.

Putin sealed the argument by showing scientific evidence that this northern part of Canada was part of the Siberian continental shelf. Harper peed in his pants when learning of this fact. Just kidding about that. But Russian scientists estimate the Arctic seabed has as much in oil reserves as Russia itself and most of it is on the Siberian continental shelf.

Harper has been known to thump his chest. Somehow that does not bode well for Arctic security, for anyone. He founded the Harper Valley PTA. You all should research that.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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