The Failure of Freddy Nietzsche--He Announces that Kabbalah Destroys His Philosophy

Friedrich Nietzsche (who will be referred to as Freddy going forward) announced from the grave that he was wrong about the true God. However, he also said that leaders should not have misguided religion, but rather be religion neutral, and it doesn't hurt for them to have some personal moral code.

This may be a departure from his writing while he was alive, and if it is a departure, the reason for this departure is the rise of Kabbalah and Lucifer worship. He doesn't want world government to descend to those depths of deception. I am no Freddy expert, but I know he would not have desired Lucifer worship. Come on people!

Freddy made the announcement that beyond good and evil didn't mean that you make evil good and good evil. He believed good and evil could change based on different fluid situations, but the cabal of Kabbalists turn that on its head. The Kabbalah teachers do permit, in their advanced teachings, the moral acceptance of evil, ie making evil into good. Freddy said it was hot where he was and he thought it reckless that men would be so, well, evil as to equate the two.

Nietzsche hated all religion and he was right about all of them but one, the non Zionist Christian view that Messiah established the new Zion. Even True Torah Jews were close to the truth, seeing the Torah spoke of this truth, but not assigning the title Messiah, to Jesus Christ. But that is discussed at the link below.

But Nietzsche was mad because his system was perverted by the Kabbalists. Even Freddy would never say that good and evil are the same at the same time. These Kabbalists say this off-the-wall stuff and they are worshipping Lucifer. And these people with their occult gnosticism  have been wound up with Zionism since Leo Strauss and before that, in the beginning of Zionism, with the involvement of the Rothschilds.

These Kabbalist Zionists are even darker than Freddy's poor black lost soul. And that bodes evil for the world going forward.

How this occult gnosticism impacts world leaders is difficult to assess. Certainly there is no scripture that says Zionists had an unbroken right to the land of Palestine. That is gnostic hidden bullshit. We all know this. But the Zionists assumed this unbroken link when they took over Palestine. The 9/11 conspiracy certainly was occult-like wicked, and the Sandy Hook Hoax was diabolically wicked and was Zionist based and you wonder about these people and their ideas.

On the one hand, you have Zionists on the left wanting to disarm Americans to exert control and Zionists on the right wanting whites to point their guns at blacks and make war with them. Most other freedoms are threatened as well.  

But I digress. I have written before that I am bored with Illuminati genealogy, that it may have merit but that it isn't necessary to expose the wickedness of this world order. The deeds of the Zionist order follow it. But certainly, tracing Kabbalah history is not without merit entirely.

When Kabbalah Rothschilds own Israel and founded the nation and bankrolled the Zionist evil deeds from the beginning of Zionism, you can bet that Kabbalah history has merit. Zionism has become multiracial and it likely has been for some time. But prior to Zionism things get murky. This point is true, the Kabbalists have been trying to enslave the world for a long time and it apparently predates the Zionists and Herzl.

In discussing this subject, people know that I hate racism and am fully aware that Zionism is a multiracial cabal. Many Jewish people hate the Zionism, the Lucifer worship, the loose relationship all this has with Judaism. True Torah Jews would never accept all this gnostic occult stuff. Even Freddy wouldn't have gone along with this Kabbalist/Bankster desire for world domination. He would have opposed it.

So, Freddy, thanks for the warnings against the cabal. Unfortunately, you set up the concept and they fed off of you with your ideas of the masses, the herd and the elite supermen. You just helped the Cabal of Kabbalah along. After all, you said:

"I teach you the Superman. Man is something that should be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? All creatures hitherto have created something beyond themselves: and do you want to be the ebb of this great tide, and return to animals rather than to overcome man?"
Thus Spake Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

This was Freddy's obsession, freedom of the will. Well, turns out that many religions subject the will to the leadership. But the true religion changes the will sovereignly. More on that from the link below.

However, Freddy got it wrong. He tried to earn freedom of will by dominance of the environment. That doesn't do anything but give you power in this life and you can't take it with you, if you get what I mean.
No one is more zealous of that sort of power than the Zionists, and their accumulation of wealth and power has increased from government to government. They have been communistic, capitalistic, crony capitalistic. They control the masses by dividing them over political ideology.

Freddy's transformation of the soul becomes power over good and evil in the pursuit of world domination in the Kabbalah view of things. Nietzsche was no Kabbalist. But they have adopted him.

Some perverse men like Aleister Crowley have written that Freddy wrote the essence of Kabbalah. Well, he certainly opened the door. But he was not as wacky in occult power grabbing as the Kabbalah is or that Crowley was. Superman was a transformation of sorts, not black magic!

Even Libertarianism has roots of Kabbalah in the requirement to be self sufficient. And maybe the leaders of Libertarianism are Kabbalists, but I don't think they are. But worship of self, as terminally bad as it is, is not occult dark religion, which is even worse.

Gerald Gardner's Wiccan religion was not historical, but rather was an offshoot of the Occult of Crowely.  No one could accuse Freddy of being involved in that recent development! But, Crowley mingled the occult with Freddy's thoughts when he gave the Wiccan law, "Do what you want". Some law, huh?

Freddy at least believed in doing what you will, which may be different than doing what you want. Netanyahu does what he wants in occupying the Palestinians. The 9/11 conspirators did what they wanted. The elite do what they want and it has never been more dangerous.

People want to live 200 years. The elite want this and may be talking about it. Talk about taking a gnostic view of making death die and applying it to the those who seek ultimate power. Being able to live 200 years becomes a version of Superman. It becomes a means of accumulation of power and wealth that no one has had before, because you just run out of time.

This arrogance in seeking these powers above the average human can only lead to New World Order grief and even the radical Eugenics madmen get involved. Thanks Freddy!

Freddy, if you could tell me who will win the Super Bowl please feel free to communicate with our world again. Otherwise, I think you have done enough damage with Superman, and now you see the Kabbalah embracing you. It must make you want to puke. Can people puke in hell?

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.



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