This Article Vindicates My Claim that Markets Are Cornered by the Bankers

It is obvious that markets in commodities are cornered by the bankers. And this cornering of the market costs the middle class billions of dollars. It is wrong, and it is theft. It is legalized theft, but it is still stealing from the poor and the middle classes.

These bankers should all be ashamed of themselves, but there is no conscience at work here. None whatsoever. They are hardened like the guy who kills on a contract.

Anyway, here is the article showing markets are indeed cornered. For more information please read my ebook, Examples of Globalization, which offers my ebooks in one ebook, at a big discount along with newer material.

I also have written satire on the New World Order, and continue to attempt to fan interest in a subject every American must know about but few care. The media doesn't cover the evils of globalization, and the dark side of globalist behavior. But somebody has to.


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