Barack Obama Spit on Martin Luther king's Grave! Looters Blamed for Government Arson in Ferguson!

President Obama has abandoned poor blacks in Ferguson, Missouri, as Ferguson was set for a planned urban renewal back in 2012. As a testimony to his commitment to the Department of Homeland Security, Obama was seen by insiders spitting on Martin Luther King's grave.

When asked about the grave spitting incident, Obama said he was sold out to the Zionist cause, and as his VP Biden said, Zionism was multiracial and anyone could join. POTUS said he was no less a Zionist than Joe Biden.

Obama went on to say:

Zionism is the way of the future, and the elite will prosper while the rest of America will be in decline. It is necessary in order to firm up the Zionist hold on America. Zionism seeks world domination and we are putting the squeeze on Russia by control of oil prices, and we can push them up or down depending on the need. And of course, Israel wants more power, and we can make them equals to the US, and even have control and influence over us that is out of proportion. We aim to help the UK Square Mile and the Israelis achieve their goals. 
Certainly globalist Zionism is a racist political movement. Even though members of any race can be a Zionist outside of Israel, according to Joe Biden, in Israel the movement is clearly racist. So, Obama is racist against blacks when push comes to shove.

and then Obama revealed the shocker:

I went over to Martin Luther King's grave in Atlanta, unannounced, and in a solemn ceremony attended by Biden, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, I spit on his grave. This completed my initiation into Zionism. I put status and money above racial loyalty, like the Zionists did when they left the religious Jews behind in WW2 in Germany. We all hate God and are atheists. No God has control over us. We do what we want. And you can bet that Homeland Security has this world order as a top priority when it set fire to the buildings in Ferguson. Why do you think we held the firefighters back?We do all this for our revered Skeletor, Michael Chertoff.

So, this is what we really do know about Ferguson. First Mark Paffrath, a military vet working for the Drury Hotel chain was fired for posting pictures of Homeland Security vehicles amassing near Ferguson to his Facebook page. Heck, even CNN reported that one.

We know that Ferguson was designated for urban renewal in 2012. We know that there were looters, but that the police were more interested in the peaceful protesters, letting the looters loot. That was to take notice off the real arsonists. 

And the looters were set up to take the blame for these professional fires! That is close to being a false flag of sorts.

We also know that the Auto Zone was being guarded by police and then it was suddenly ablaze. We also know that pictures exist of Homeland Security types in the area, possibly setting fires. And we know that the ex fire chief of Ferguson stated the arson in Ferguson was the result of trained professionals. He said they burned too fast to be the work of amateurs. We know firefighters were held back from attacking the blazes.

Yes, Obama symbolically spit on Martin Luther King's grave, by throwing the reputation of the mainly black peaceful protesters to the wind while allowing the government to set arson fires! Who knows if he really spit on MLK's grave. It wouldn't surprise me if he really did.

I support separation of church and state, but not amoral and unscrupulous leaders like we have had since the beginning of the millennium. 


Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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