Business Insider Is Now Afraid of My Idea that Anti Zionism Isn't Anti Semitism

I contributed about 60 articles to Business Insider in the past. I enjoyed the opportunity to express myself. I also knew that not all my articles would make the front page. Indeed, my articles got views on instead, and one editor on BI told me that I was too hard on the bankers.

Soon thereafter I was asked not to contribute and others too. I think it was to gain more control over thought. I can't prove that but I believe it. And I was then contributing in the comment section and then banned. The ban seemed to be lifted as I signed in through Twitter and posted. But I was soon banned again for no reason.  This was after months of not commenting!

I believe that I had commented on anti Zionism, or the regime change that is fostered by Zionism, and it seemed to be acceptable to the site until I was banned again. 

I am convinced that BI labors under the mistaken assumption that anti Zionism is anti Semitism. I have never seen anything there to make me think otherwise, but I have not seen every article. I am convinced that BI fears people finding out that these concepts are not the same.

And they are not the same, and any racist that says they are the same in order to hate the Jewish race is as wicked as the Zionists are wicked. 

But for many of us with Jewish backgrounds or not, Zionism is a political movement, not a race nor a religion. That is something apparently lost on Business Insider. I hope that changes one day but the New World Order does not want citizens to be that discerning.


I have since been allowed to comment at BI and have been able to express my views. I think BI is the most independent of the MSM, and often does not appreciate all the bankers do. That is encouraging. BI covers the success of big finance. That won't stop. But the website does not always approve. 


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