How Zionism Saved Itself and Destroyed the "Unsuitable" Jews Under Hitler

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The original concept of Zionism, removing the natives from the land they chose, formulated in 1895 by Herzl was evil. But then as Zionism progressed it shifted to saving itself rather than the Jewish people. This whole link is worth leading if you want to know the truth about Zionist history:
These following quotes show the real Zionism. Herzl died at age 44. Chaim Weizmann, a wicked man, took over the Zionist movement. He wrote and this is from this great book:

Weizmann was quite explicit in a letter he wrote in 1918 that he didn't want any Eastern Jews in Palestine and worried that if the Jews were forced out of Europe,

 “we shall have all the miserable refugees who will be driven out of Poland, Galicia, Rumania, etc., at the doors of Palestine. We shall be swamped in Palestine and shall never be able to set up a community worth having there.”

Later he would declare publicly that the Jews of Europe, whom Herzl had founded the Zionist movement to save, were “economic and moral dust in a cruel world.” He did not mean to save them: “The old ones will pass; they will bear their fate or they will not... Only a branch will survive” (his branch).[51b]

and Stephen Wise also subscribed to Chaim's exclusivity:

“Reform Rabbi Stephen Wise, the undisputed leader of organized American Jewry, called [Vladimir Zeev] Jabotinsky a ‘traitor’ for preaching evacuation of over a million eastern Jews. ...Furthermore, Wise claimed, the Jabotinsky movement was guilty of bringing unselected, ‘unsuitable’ Jews to Palestine. As the United Palestine Appeal’s director Henry Montor [an ally of Wise] wrote, ‘No responsible person has ever said that Palestine could hold all the millions of Jews who need shelter.’ Montor condemned those who ignored the ‘need’ for selecting Jews ‘worthy’ of settling in Palestine: ‘I think it is fair to point out that many who have been brought into Palestine by the Revisionists [sic] have been prostitutes and criminals.’”[85a]


So, you can see, this was disgusting evil Zionism at work: HIR | The Crisis of 1933 - Jewish leaders sabotaged anti-Nazi boycott

But what dreadful thinking. But Herzl was evil as well, saying that the natives would have to be relocated. The entire movement of Zionism was evil from the start. And Zionists thought the rank and file Jews were "unsuitable"!!!


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