New World Order Allegiance Drug Is Approved but Has Side Effects

The New World Order allegiance drug has been approved worldwide. It is a drug that makes men everywhere love bankers and deregulation. Bankers will be revered for skimming money off the average guy through commodity speculation. It is necessary because the financial system must remain intact, not because business relies on it, but because it cannot live without lavish luxury.

Of course, business makes less because of the financial system shenanigans, and there is now more tension than ever between retail and the big three: big oil, big pharma and big banks. Big oil and big pharma and big banks can charge what they want for almost everything they market.

The drug will be introduced into the water supply, and since Israel has the most water, having perfected the production of it due to massive handouts from the United States, Israel will control the side effects of this special water that we all will have to drink. Turns out, the side effects will be mandatory, since the eugenicists have convinced the Israelis to lower the world population through effective side effects.

Side effects include, death, stroke leading to death, nerve disease leading to death, skin disorders leading to death, bone inflammation leading to death, and toe fungus, leading to death. The fungus is very nasty, and no one has seen anything like it.

Those who the Israelis will preserve will be those rotten enough to tolerate the drug. The drug is called, Offalotofyou, and it's official chemical name is Skelatorapprovatum. Because rotten people can tolerate the drug, they will insure that the entire world population will not be wiped out.

The goal is the establishment of Israel as a superpower. They have earned it due to their massive oppression of the Palestinians, who have an equal claim on the land of Palestine. In fact, in 70 AD, the Old Testament was rolled away and Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed.

So, Israel has no claim from a spiritual perspective on the land of Israel at all! But Israel has persevered in the face of all this that is against them, including the Almighty himself. Of course that won't last, but for now, Israel's crap smells like perfume. This new drug will actually make the survivors think crap is fragrance!

Israel as superpower is only possible if Americans die and are weakened by medication. The ones that live and survive will be lovers of bankers and will laugh at future foreclosures and garnishments. They will throw petals of flowers as the bankers walk down the streets. No longer will these banker scum need fancy bulletproof limos. No, they will have the affection of the remaining people who will revel in their own personal debt and misery.

When you can laugh at your financial misery that is satire turned upside down!

To fully understand what happened in 70AD, please read

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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