NY Times Admits that Putin Didn't Lie about Nazi's in Ukraine Government

Remember when the Washington Post said that Putin was lying about neo Nazis being in the Ukrainian government back in spring of 2014? Politico said that it was sort of a lie since there were just a few guys involved with Naziism. The message I got from US media in general was there were no radical right wing Nazi's in the new government in Kiev.

Well, as time went on, we learned that the Svoboda Party is a right wing fascistic party and now the NY Times has posted an article by Lev Golinkin that guys with Nazi symbols are still part of the government of the Ukraine, worrying the people of east Ukraine so much that many are leaving to go to Russia.

Yes, most of the refugees leaving the Ukraine are fleeing to Russia!

So, this continuing relationship with people using Nazi symbols is simply not acceptable and the US has been filling the Post and other fake journalistic rags full of propaganda. We should wash our hands of the Ukraine. If we try this regime change in Russia, there will likely be nuclear war.

If people in Washington think we can "win" a nuclear war we need to retire them from government service yesterday.

The New York Times article is linked below, and clearly is written in such a way that implies Putin was the aggressor, so the author is "disturbed" that the refugees were fleeing to Russia.

It is hard to make propaganda out of most of the Ukrainians fleeing to Russia. I can see why a propaganda perpetrator like the New York Times would be disturbed. Putin clearly has an argument that the west is the aggressor in the Ukraine, not by military exercise, but by throwing billions to the pro West government prior to the revolution in Kiev.

Then pensioners who earned their pensions fair and square and live in the east are cut off by Kiev? What kind of barbarians are they? Why does the United States support wicked and evil men who starve their own people? That is what is not a surprise.



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