Sony TV Abruptly Cancels Assassination of the Week Series

Sony TV has abruptly canceled the tv series, Assassination of the Week, over threats made by North Korea to Sony Pictures' epic fail, titled The Interview. That movie showed the leader of North Korea being assassinated as his head exploded.

It was made by arrogant globalists, and I don't see the point of the movie. 

Sony TV showed disappointment that the picture division screwed up. Sony had planned to feature US politicians being terminated in exciting ways. For example, in one of the first shows Rick Perry was to be featured with bio, both good accomplishments and bad, and since he has a big head, he was going to be assassinated by pixie dust.

If you remember in the picture Beetlejuice, a fellow applied pixie dust to Beetlejuice's head, and it shrunk. They planned to shrink Perry's head down in a horrific manner at Sony, so that Perry would look headless, and pass out.

I think Russell Westbrook could have played Perry, as they love black rimmed glasses and are handsome dudes. Perry just found out recently that OKC, where Westbrook plays basketball, is not in Texas.

But I digress.

That would have been pulsating TV. We haven't seen stuff like that since Miami Vice.

The plan was to air these deaths in adult time slots.

The studio was hoping that the series would have an anticipatory buzz from crowds of watchers who could not wait for the creative way US politicians would bite the dust. Bite the dust is an antiquated phrase meaning die, violently.

Athletes can bite the dust, as we learned from the rock group Queen, but that didn't mean they died. When cowboys bit the dust they died.
The concept of buzz around deaths came from the original success of Cher, who came out in a different outrageous dress each week. You think that created a stir. Well, a new type of death for your favorite or hated politician would have been sensational.

And US politicians would not have attempted to hack Sony. They are mostly computer illiterate anyway and they are gluttons for attention.

I had thought of a few ways that US politicians could have died in the series, and had hoped to get a writing gig with the series.

For example, Sarah Palin could have died in a fight, with some UFC guy knocking the crap out of her. She would have not backed down. She is crazy like that. It would have been an assassination that looked like a fight. Clever, really. Tina Fey would have jumped at the part. 

And Joe Biden could have died from an overdose of Plutonium. That could have come from Russia. It would have been in retaliation for Biden getting his son a cushy job in the Ukraine, with Putin's enemies.

That would have been one miserable death and may have been presented in back to back time slots, with the second hour just showing Biden suffering with no relief. I thought that Steve Martin could have played Joe, but he probably would not have the patience to lay there for an hour. .

Of course, the assassinations would have only been pretended, on actors. So what is the big deal? Biden would have laughed. So would have Palin. So would have Perry. Or maybe they wouldn't.

Since the series was scrapped, we will never know.

In truth, I don't like the idea of using satire to make a foreign policy statement that is a threat. I don't mind using satire on our own politicians, who obviously want the picture shown! This article is giving them a taste of their own medicine. They could be hypocrites.

Of course Obama and Gingrich and all the muscle globalists politicians who are willing to risk your life, said Sony should have shown the film, the Interview, in theaters. But I can't really see Obama sending his own kids to the movie, so why should you take the chance of be assassinated by North Korea, even if their threat may not be doable?

I don't know if the US engages in cyber war and it probably has with Iran. But the US is also bad about economic warfare, making the world a more dangerous place. We don't have to subject ourselves to false flags, economic warfare, and schemes of our own evil politicians. We can just stay home.

Jewish people were warned about 9/11 at the World Trade Center and stayed home. That was the least that Sony could do. Quit hiding 9/11 details and evidence of guilt on the part of the Republicans, if you want to prove to us you aren't a coward, Barack Obama.

Releasing the movie, would give the US a perfect opportunity for a false flag, as any injuries would incur the wrath of Americans against North Korea, even if they didn't do the attacks. Wake up Americans. Once a nation does one or more false flags they are not to be trusted. I hate to say that about my own country, but it is true. Nothing satirical about that.

We cannot have a society in which Obama fails to bring the criminal Americans involved in 9/11, George W Bush and Richard Cheney and their minions, to trial for the crime of the millennium.

Obama and Cheney and all the rest of the globalists just hate that analysis. Don't buy their houses either. They are all overpriced.

And Sony practiced self censorship, so what? I self censor the satire I write all the time. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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