The Steady Drumbeat of Forbes Magazine Propaganda Against Putin and the Russians

Forbes has to be the king of online magazines in its propaganda against Putin and the Russians. Business Insider, and Reuters engage in this stuff, but Forbes is king.

Here are just a few of the titles Forbes uses to pass along their assumptions and guesses as to what wil happen with Russia. Indeed, regime change is Yinon Zionism and Forbes is not bashful in expressing the hope that regime change happens in Russia.

 Here is an example of the steady drum of propaganda titles that Forbes bombs the American public with:

1. Farewell Putin is the title. The moronic author of the piece is Nathan Vardi, and I won't link to it because I don't want him to get credit for stupidity, says

The perplexing and worrying question, though, is whether the Putin regime can walk quietly and with resignation into the sunset.

Well, duh. That is the question isn't it Einstein? You think the regime change efforts will succeed, Vardi or will we just all die and all your children will die? Which is it Einstein? You make me sick.

Here are some more flaky Forbes titles with my comments following:

2. Vladamir Putin Is Kaput

The author could be wrong.

3. Vladamir Putin Has Decided that Russia Should Have Food and Medical Shortages

So, this is Putin's fault? And Putin wants price controls. Good idea if you ask me. Nixon did it.

4. Putin's Perfect Storm

Einstein here says oil prices are hurting Putin. He just visited Saudi Arabia, so maybe Putin wants to destroy oil shale. Who knows?We all know oil prices are not going to stop Putin's defense of his nation.

5. Putin and Russia's Anti Westernism

Keep in mind that Putin did everything he could to merge into the world economy in the 1990's and was rejected by the neocons.
6. On Economy Russia Shoots Self in the Foot

To Russians, some things are more important than a boat load of money. Principle can be important in life.

7. Is this the bottom for Russia?

I am sure Russia was ready for the decline of the Ruble and the attack on its economy as Russia thwarted the New World Order and Zionist greed and desire for power. Zionism is a multiracial cabal of elite western crazy people who want total world domination and the elevation of Israel to superpower status.


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