The US and Russia Have Decided to Have Cruise Nuke Proxy War in Europe

The USA has determined to put cruisin' missiles into Europe to offset the cruisin' missiles deployed by Russia. A secret agreement has Russia and the USA fighting a proxy nuke war in Europe, since Europe is less valuable than the middle east.

We had previously reported that a proxy war in the middle east made sense, and that could still be true, but there is a lot of oil there. Europe has nothing. So, we can understand why Europe is given more consideration as a stage for a proxy war.

The powers have decided to put that war off for a bit, so that Russia can built the Chinese pipeline, making Europe even more worthless to Russia. We know it is already worthless to the United States, who wants to smoke Europe and looks to the east from the pacific anyway.

The little strategic nukes that will be launched will not destroy cities entirely, so most Europeans will suffer and die from fallout, and the fallout will be limited so as not to hurt the USA or Russia. It will be like a miniature nuclear war, you know, modeled after the movie Star Wars.

So, how will Russia and the USA determine a winner? They won't. It won't be necessary. They will already have one less competitor in Asia, as Europe is no more. That will be good both for the USA and Russia who will have Asia as a trade partner all to themselves. The neocons will gain political points from this war. Putin will be a god at home.

Israel will benefit from this war because Europe hates the behavior of Israel and no one else cares. Although, the others should care.

One thing Russia and the USA are in agreement about, Asia is big enough for both powers.

That reassures us, so how about you? You eugenics fanatics out there should be eating this up! Getting rid of close to 1/2 billion people opens up the world to lots of opportunity, right?

Of course, Europe could quit doing what the US wants and there would be no need for any war.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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