There Is Only One President Who Lied More Than Obama: George W Bush

Obama is a liar. He refuses to acknowledge the CIA and Bush administration's involvement in 9/11. That makes him a liar second only to George W Bush. CIA torturing is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the evil CIA. He acknowledged the Feinstein torture report, but tried to pass it off as being less than it was.

Of course, not all CIA workers are evil. But the leadership has been evil for years, from George Tenet on. These people know about the false flag, masterminded by Dick Cheney. That same Dick Cheney was the highest official who knew about and authorized the torture, the rectal torture and killings that took place.

We know the US government is scum, and Cheney is the direct cause. But we have and will not recover until heads roll for 9/11. Cheney must go to jail. He must.

But Obama, who talks a good talk but is hardly a Democrat, won't do squat against the war criminals. When Obama says "we tortured some folks." in his disgusting matter of fact way, it makes you want to cringe.  


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