Two Articles Showing Ferguson Was Meant for a Planned Demolition

These two articles make it clear, Ferguson was meant for demolition, urban renewal, as far back as 2012. It is as if they were waiting for the event. Once it happened and a dispute was established, they rolled into action. This is very disturbing and there is much evidence that this is the case, a planned demolition:


It appears that Homeland Security types set many of the arsons. It appears that the arsons were professionally set and at least one expert has said so. It appears that the prosecutor was in on it by scheduling the announcement not to indict Officer Wilson until late in the evening.

What is not clear is whether Officer Wilson was in on it and if the shooting of Michael Brown was a set up.

Certainly elements of this fraud were perpetuated by the New World Order, just like Sandy Hook only more on the fly.

The businesses that were destroyed may have benefited from donations from well meaning Americans. It is unlikely that those folks knew of the government involvement in the professional arson. But I cannot verify that.  


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