Zionist Marco Rubio Teaches Us that Democracy Is Code Word for Regime Change

Marco Rubio is a Bilderberg boy. He is a Zionist shill and an advocate of "democracy". Of course, the new meaning of "democracy", is just plain evil. It now means "regime change". Democracy is regime change.

People want regime change in Cuba. There is no other reason for keeping a 40 year old embargo going. But the rest of us need to realize that regime change is a policy to subjugate the world to our economic system. The business people who want trade with Cuba are not without blame, however. They believe that a higher standard of living in Cuba will be all that is needed to bring Cubans into the New World Order.

So, regime change is the quick way for forcing governments to embrace the New World Order, but trade and opening up Cuba is the slow way for influencing governments to embrace the New World Order.

Rubio wants more freedoms for the Cuban people, but not really for the Cuban people. He wants regime change because he wants the the Zionist way to take over Cuba. He says the US is a force for good, but that is hardly true since the neocons came to power at the beginning of the millennium.

Truth is, Rubio is forward leaning, meaning he is an aggressive putz, who wants to aggravate nations far and wide until they succumb to the World Order. Yet Rubio must know that the USA is not the leader of that world order. No, big finance in the west is the leader of that world order.

They are the infiltrators, worse than if had been communists. McCarthy was right about infiltration, but wrong in identifying the real infiltrators, the Zionist globalist financiers, and their friends, the neocons.

For Rubio, influence over Cubans is not enough for him. He wants power for the globalists. Zionist globalism is a political movement closely tied to Israel and the UK financiers. It is not a race, nor is it a religion. It is wicked in its quest for power.


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