Thursday, June 26, 2014

So Republicans, Will Cheney Warn You Before He Unleashes the Israeli Nuke on Washington DC?

Hey Republicans, will you be caught in Washington DC when Richard Cheney and his globalist war  party, the neocons, unleash an  Israeli nuke on Washington DC? Do you think he will  warn you or do you think he will sacrifice you?

He sacrificed a Fox News female reporter, Barbara Olson, in his 9/11 scheme. So, what makes  you think you will be spared?  It is time  the American government, both republican and Democrat,  wakes up to the  reality of Dick Cheney. We know you know 911 was a conspiracy.  By threatening DC, Cheney has crossed the line.

America needs to come clean on 9/11, and Cheney has made this a necessity. Americans, don't sleep on this issue. I know most of you are a sleepy bunch, and there  are only a few that really realize what has been  going on, with 9/11 and Robbie Parker's bad acting  job in the bloodless Sandy Hook Hoax.

We have been given a 10 year window, folks. There is a chance that Cheney is speaking this way in order to cover his 9/11 tracks, but it is more likely that he hates we do not do exactly what Israel wants us to do with  regime  change in the middle east.

Obama changed the regime in Libya, but Cheney wants  us to  dominate Syria,  Iran and Iraq, at massive human and financial  cost. He is a Zionist, proving you can be non Jewish and still be a Zionist. It is well known that many Jews are not Zionists and see the danger of their mad desire to control the entire world.

The coup will establish Israel's control over the United States, even  more so than exists now.  I sincerely hope I am wrong, but the threat Cheney and his  neocons  pose to our nation must not be underestimated.

Just remember, Cheney threatened this new 9/11 in the context of saying Obama was a weak president regarding the middle east. What clearer sign of intimidation could he give to our nation? 

This was the same evil man who said his V.P. office was not a part of the executive branch of government, giving him the right to destroy all the 9/11 evidence! This was the same man who blasted a fellow hunter with a shotgun. Wake up Americans. Cheney is a killer who wants to kill again. 

Most likely, the scenario that will unfold is that Cheney will get his way, and the US will step up killing in Syria and Iraq, and maybe even Iran, which could lead to nuclear confrontation with Russia. Most likely, Cheney getting his way will cause the death and displacement of thousands as this wicked man makes his lasting imprint upon US foreign policy.

Unless the US military has the will to resist, more Cheney doctrine means more killing, even when he is gone.We face an uncertain future as long as neocon desire for world domination remains the doctrine of the day.

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Wicked Zionism on Amazon that is an explanation of anti-Zionism (and anti-neocon), and how that is different from anti-Semitism and racism.


Richard "Dick" Cheney Just Threatened Washington DC with Nuclear Annihilation and Coup

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Richard "Dick" Cheney Just Threatened Washington DC with Nuclear Annihilation and Coup

Richard "Dick" Cheney, former vice president of the United States was responsible for 9/11. That is what makes his statements yesterday threatening a nuclear attack on Washington DC so damning and traitorous. Cheney basically said that a city in the United States would come under attack, quite possibly nuclear attack, within the decade. He referred specifically to DC, maybe more cities.

Cheney said:

“Imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device, put it in a shipping container and drive it down the Beltway outside Washington, D.C.,” Cheney added.

 But it is what he said after that that should be a cause of concern to the government of the United States.

Cheney was asked if another attack would lead to "military rule" and the destruction of political life as we know it. Cheney responded by explaining the "continuity of government" program, which he said was set up during the Cold War so a "government in waiting" could be ready to take over if necessary.

So, Cheney is saying a government in waiting could be in the works and the attack on DC could be in the works. This is traitorous talk. Again, had he not been involved in 9/11, it would not be traitorous, just stupid, but he was involved. He is a traitor to the United States. He carries an explicit threat against city of Washington DC and an explicit threat to replace the current government of the United States! 

Wake up America! 

Read my ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies if you have any doubt as to Cheney's motive for and knowledge of 9/11/2001.Also learn more about Patrick Clawson from my analysis on his statements to the media. Clawson has been a close neocon associate of Cheney, who also advocated violence, a false flag attack, in order to set of a war with Iran.

The new government would likely be much more pro Israel, and likely partially under the control of Israel. 

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Multigenerational Households Could Benefit from Websites like

This article is not an endorsement of every "job" offer on Rat Race Rebellion  or other work at home websites. You have to be careful when searching for an online job. But for multigenerational households, especially, you can dispense with a car and clothing costs and food costs associated with working outside the home.

An example for one being careful in this arena is my wife. My wife has worked for one of the sites on Ratrace called Arise. Arise is probably one that makes it easier for an older person like my wife to get a job to get through to social security, or to supplement social security.

But Arise makes you pay for the course, for the training, and your sponsor takes a cut out of all earnings! So, Arise is not for everyone.

And one company that Arise offered was dreadful. She now works for a company that is excellent within the Arise network. Arise is a legitimate call center outsourcing company, but it is not right for everyone. Not all jobs there are quality opportunities. Arise is likely not a career builder for most, but is work.

There are other websites on Rat Race that will pay you for training, but those have a competitive crush of potential employees. 

I am certainly concerned with certain wage issues that arise with Arise. There are stronger protections for people who work outside the home. But in her case, age and health make it necessary for her to work part time. That is fine. We are in a multigenerational household with two other relatives, and that income helps. My retirement income and social security just doesn't go far since core inflation does not include food and gasoline, and the consumer experiences inflation in those areas daily. What was a better retirement in 2000 has been weakened in purchasing power by the dark overlords of finance.

That inflation is helped along by immoral bankers who push prices of assets up and by a government that does not step in to stop it. Things are rough out there for the American worker. I have not seen incomes stretch so little in my lifetime.

And fixed income recipients have always had more purchasing power than in the present difficult situation. 

So, rant being over, I encourage people to check out and the scam report here from that same website that will tell you what to watch out for. Don't despair from underemployment, that often plagues families who choose to live together or are forced to live together.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Hate Triangle Between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel Demands that We Stay Out of the Middle East

The Middle East cannot be fixed. There is a hate triangle between the Saudis, Iranians and Israelis. That hate triangle is something that cannot be fixed by the United States.

The neocons want to fix it by siding with the Shiites but not with Iran. What are they? Dumb f*cks? How will that work out Billy the Kid Kristol, you gunslinger you?

Whatever the neocons want we need to do the opposite. Saudi Arabia can cut oil supplies to the world and if Russia helps them, drive the modern world to ruin. Just how involved do we want to be, anyway?

But of course, Russia doesn't like Saudi Arabia bothering its friend, Syria, so there is little desire on the part of Russia, at this point, to side with Saudi Arabia.

If you throw in China, the plot thickens, as China could side with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Clearly in this scenario, Israel is less important to the USA. That would be a problem for the multiracial Zionists and neocons, who want things done their way.

It looks as though the Sunnis would take over the entire middle east with big bucks Saudi Arabia on the march, financially speaking. But the neocons clearly want some Shiite strength, but without cooperation with Iran. That is ludicrous.

The original Yinon Zionist plan was for the Middle East to explode in local sectarian and tribal violence. But the Zionists' worst fears have come true, that based on religion there are now wide alliances of Sunnis and Shiites that are changing borders. That, and Saudi Arabia's deep pockets, were never in the Yinon formulation when regime change was thought to be the way out for Israel.

Now regime change may ultimately be the catalyst to show Israel and the neocons the door, the way out of the Middle East! Israel seems confused, as it helps the rebels in Syria, who are Sunnis, and yet doesn't want the Sunnis to take over the entire Middle East.

If Israel doesn't know what the F*ck to do, what do we know as a nation? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Some additional thoughts:

Saudi Arabia warned Iran to stay out of Iraq. The implied warning applies to the USA as well, no doubt. So, we have Americans arming rebels in Syria and those rebels are who we want to fight in Iraq? This gets confusing. Saudi Arabia is hostile to Russia, is our frenemy, is not friends with Israel or Iran. And yet Saudi Arabia is dictating the terms of action in the middle east?

The more I write, the more confusing it becomes. Stay tuned. 

Additional update:

Turns out, Netanyahu just played his hand, saying that we should weaken both sides in the Sunni/Shiite fight. That is Yinon Zionism. That is the plan of Israel and the plan of the handlers of Israel, the Rothschilds. That is the plan of regime change which now extends to Russia, Ukraine, the middle east and whereever the neocons can foment turmoil, chaos and death. 

Even the assassination of JFK by LBJ was all about regime change and was early Zionist impact upon the USA. LBJ was no doubt a Zionist, which is a multiracial cabal of globalists.



Monday, June 16, 2014

Bill Kristol Made an Utter Fool Out of Himself on CNN Tonight

Bill Kristol wants boots on the ground in disintegrating Iraq, a nation he helped to disintegrate through regime change neocon doctrine. Read all about Yinon Zionism by searching this blog and you will see the evil it is causing.

Now regime change is out of control, and Kristol wants boots on the ground. Yet boots on the ground are certain to cause us to take sides. Yet Kristol doesn't want the US to take sides between the Shiites and Sunnis either.

So, he wants America to be bogged down into an impossible situation that we would not even have to worry about if he neocons would have avoided regime change in Iraq in 2001.

The neocons, and Bill Kristol, founder of PNAC, are nothing but New World Order, globalist, troublemakers.

I am pretty sure they kindled the unrest in Syria, which is related to this Iraq disintegration. The neocons are blind in their desire for world domination, but are just terminally stupid as well.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Idea for a Political Party. Republicans Must Go and Democrats Must Be Challenged.

I have a few ideas about what ideas should underlie a new political party.

1. Gun rights and the Bill of Rights must be protected.

2. Helping the poor and the elderly must be a priority.

3. War should be for self defense and first strike is not an option. We should pull out of the Middle East and focus our defense spending. 

4. Companies that offshore labor should be taxed heavily.

5. When bankers lend to people who cannot, en masse, afford to pay back the loans, the bankers must be prosecuted.Criminal laws opposing financial crime must be strengthened  greatly.  

6. Banks must be regulated to prevent liar loans.

7. Bankers Speculation and cornering of markets should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

8. A cashless society should be forbidden.

9. Borders should be protected from excessive illegal immigration. A path to citizenship for those here now should be initiated. But it should not be easy.

10. The United States government should exercise veto power over globalist considerations. America must act for the people when it comes to global issues.

See also Examples of Globalization: An Excursion to the Dark Side of Our New World Order.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Guy on the Yahoo Comment Boards Remembered Me from Business Insider Days

I posted on Yahoo that Business Insider has become such a voice for the New World Order as time goes on and that this was disgusting. An anonymous fellow named Damian responded and it encouraged me and touched my heart to know some people thought I was trying to do good there:

Your contribution has been sorely missed.
The trash bins have been overflowing at Business Insider since you quit as their janitor.

It is gratifying to hear something like this because you are either for or against the globalists. And many who are against the globalists are ignorant racists who don't get it right. We have to get it right. We have to avoid condemning any one race, and realize and teach that militant Zionism is an elite cabal made up of all races. There are members of the cabal of almost every single race and it will continue to be that way until the end.

We have to take the high moral ground and fight the cabal with our warnings and actions in a way that is peaceful, but strong. We cannot back down from telling the truth, because you know there are Damians out there who listen.

My Days at Business Insider as a Contributor of Articles

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Totally Repudiate the Views of James L Miller Who Wants Tribalism and Separation of Races

The United States is strong in diversity. I support sovereign nations but I support diversity. James L Miller Phd. is a fellow who apparently supports banishing Jews and who knows who else from the United States. He is a tribalist. He hates the New World Order, but blames it on Jews rather than Zionists.

But, Zionism is a multiracial cabal of elitists. Jews comprise an entire people. That entire people does not support the Zionists. There are many Jewish  groups that support gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, cash based societies, peace, and oppose militant Zionism.

And there are many Gentile people who are Zionists, like Dick Cheney, and Joe Biden and the list goes on and on. Some lie and some kill for regime change and the globalist cause. 

It is necessary if we are to oppose the New World Order, that we get it right. If we are wrong, and oppose entire races of people, we are corrupting our message and are stooping to the lows of Dr. Miller. If people want to find his website, it is readily available by searching for it. I don't want to link to it because I find the obvious racial contempt to be disgusting and uncomfortable.

If Dr Miller wants to come here, to this article, he needs to explain himself.

Here is a short list of people I strongly believe are Zionists and who are NOT Jewish:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Posted This at the Article Netanyahu Wants Separation from Palestinians

I posted this statement at the article, Netanyahu Wants Separation from Palestinians:

Israel could have, in the beginning, made citizens of the Palestinians or given them the dignity of a nation. But they waited, and they drag their feet until this day. You know why? They really want the Palestinians to be slaves or gone, or maybe second class citizens if there was a one state solution. Some way, some how, the state of Israel wants to remain an apartheid state. They either want apartheid behavior in a one state solution or they want two sets of laws for the Jews and the Palestinians in the settlements. I don't believe they can think of any other solutions, except maybe the final one. Sad, isn't it?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Middle Class Is Dying. Less Than Half the People Make Less than $27,520 per Year

 Less than half the people living in the United States of America make less than $27520 per year. There are other signs that the middle class is dying in the United States.

I know it has been said that jobs are nearing the peak of employment in 2008, however I have noticed many empty storefronts and empty small warehouses. This indicates that many entrepreneurs have taken it on the chin, and wages for the jobs replacing these businesses are quite low in comparison.

Also, many illegal aliens have left, given up on the USA. This has actually contributed to the decrease in the circulation of dollars, and prosperity for most of us.

Since the housing market is manipulated, home ownership is not considered a stable means to build wealth. Housing as a store of wealth has become suspect. Perhaps a bubble could help you achieve short term prosperity, but most believe long term prosperity through real estate is not the way to go and is too risky.

This is why I have advocated multigenerational living as a means to try to combat the attack on the middle class from offshoring of jobs and technological advancement. This is a great article that goes into more detail about this decline of the middle class, which is now quite obvious.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Because of Larry Eagleburger's Statement about Nuclear War I believe the USA Is Exploring First Strike Capability

Larry Eagleburger stated on the now defunct Kudlow Report, that nuclear war with the Russians was inevitable. After he passed away, his neocons have not lost sight of the insane goal of first strike.

Clearly, first strike posits that we survive while China and Russia are destroyed. That would make the radical eugenics fanatics happy as we cull population from the masses so that there is more to go around for us.

But there is only one problem with this scenario, it won't work. Nuclear winter and fallout will cause the entire earth to be destroyed. Paul Craig Roberts has said this plan is still in effect, even though it is doomed to fail.

Some have sought to compare the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis with today. Of course, then, no one wanted war, and yet the USSR had fewer weapons than now. Today, the neocons, those crazy mofos who control much of American foreign policy, want nuclear war and think we can survive even though Russia has over 30 times as many active nukes as in 1962.

This is why I believe that the neocons are the most dangerous assholes existing in the world, and they are Zionists. Only big oil and big banking wings of Zionism could stop the crazy neocons and even that is questionable.

Read: False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies on Amazon for more insight into these crazy bastards.

Globalists Lie and Divert as They Blame Middle Class Demise on Automation

While automation has had an impact on the decline of the middle class, the loss of manufacturing jobs and reduction of pay from globalization has been swept under the rug by a whole host of articles and studies, including a recent one from the Federal Reserve.

The Fed is not a patriotic body. It is a globalist central bank that is privately owned. I have proven this many times in my ebooks, including How to Fight NWO Economics. That is fact, the Fed wants you to support globalization. This is what they do.

But automation is just a part of it. Wage pay decreases can be directly linked to globalization and the growth of big business, accompanied by the weakening of the position of labor in the process.

Labor is treated like crap, and big business is conning us into thinking they are not at fault. But they are at fault. And the governments that fail to exert their sovereignty are at fault as well.

Dave Cohen eloquently explains this situation and the injustice of it all better than I could hope to:

Many called what we had (and still have, sans a housing market) a FIRE economy (finance, insurance & real estate). And if you've got a FIRE economy, and Middle Class Americans are being squeezed, a Housing Bubble makes all the sense in the world. Those in finance and real estate prosper, while those buying houses are led to believe they are acquiring wealth (in home equity) for the first time in three decades. Then the bubble pops, and what does the government do? It bails out the too-big-to-fail banks, who effectively own the Congress, and run economic policy at the Treasury and in the White House. The Housing Bubble "wealth" has vanished now, but for the Middle Class, outside defaults, the debt remains.
So, basically, without a growing and vibrant middle class flourishing once again, we are an empire in decline. We will have to see if more bubble will be blown to give folks a sense of wealth, or if the decline just continues from here. Even Henry Blodget of Business Insider says corporations simply must pay their workers more. And Seattle moved to establish the $15 dollar minimum wage.

We need to keep an eye on all of these events going forward. 

Globalization Includes the Elevation of Israel to Favored Nation. Getting Rid of Palestinian Land Is a Goal

Disgusting, racist Israel is building more houses on land reserved for the Palestinians:

While Israel says this is in retaliation for the Palestinians merging with Hamas, certainly this is the long term goal of Yinon Zionism. The goal is no Palestinians in Ersatz Israel, isn't it Mr Netanyahu?

It is time the world rebukes this racism. If this were South Africa the behavior of Israel as South Africans would be totally unacceptable.