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Netanyahu Wins the I Am Your Daddy, America, Award for Controlling US Foreign Policy

Benjamin Netanyahu said that America is easily controlled by the Israelis. It is not anti Semitic to say that Israel controls the American foreign policy. That is, unless you want to label Netanyahu anti Semitic! Yet the Main Stream Media wants you to think that blaming Israel for control over American foreign policy is still anti Semitism. That is MSM fraud! Netanyahu does not want peace or a settlement with the Palestinians. He never did. He knows the US will not get in the way of the Israel's taking of land in the West Bank. Netanyahu lied about saying he supported the Oslo Accords when the peace process was working in the Clinton administration in the 90's. But he was never going to give an inch of land owed to the Palestinians, but in fact has steadily taken more and boasted about manipulating the peace process. The Washington Post reported this in fairness to the limited MSM coverage. Here is what Netanyahu said when he was not aware he was miked, and it is on vide

Mr President, You Weren't Thinking of the Middle Class When You Ran for President

Mr Obama, as I listen to the State of the Union speech I don't believe you when you say that you ran for office to help the middle class. You are an elite Zionist, and you failed to prosecute one single banker, ie., bankster, for causing the credit crisis. The banksters made so many bad loans they froze up the credit system. And the banksters didn't pay the trillions upon trillions of dollars back that were lost due to that freeze. You proved your Zionism, not a race, nor a religion, by not prosecuting the bankers. You proved you are a Zionist and Joe Biden said you don't even have to be Jewish to be one! Know this people, Anti Zionism is not Anti Semitism. Zionism is an elite multiracial cabal of evil intent and world domination. It includes the UK Square Mile as a center of its power. You pleased your handlers when you ran for office, Mr President. But I digress. Tarp repayment was a drop in a very large bucket. The banksters owe trillions for causing the credit

GenrePulse Is a Good Way to Promote Ebooks

An excellent way to promote ebooks is Genre Pulse. Here is the link: The investment usually can pay for itself and can give people who sell ebooks some momentum in their campaigns to get the ebook in front of potential buyers. I recommend the service, although there are no guarantees. It doesn't cost a fortune to experiment with the service if ebook promotion is your goal. There are places to throw away money, and this is not one of those based on my experience. 

It Is Encouraging to See New Zealand Supporting Palestine at the UN New Zealand has said that Palestine should have a separate state and representation at the UN.New Zealand is in the Security Council and wants Palestine to join Israel there as well. This is very responsible on the part of the New Zealanders. Israel's response was to squirm like a toad, but that was to be expected.

Pro Zionist Charlie Hebdo Receives "What the Hell Were You Thinking" Award for Throwing Jews Under Bus

It is happening again. French Jews suffered terrorist acts in a Kosher Market and on the same day, the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters was blown up. French police connected the attacks. That connection is why Charlie Hebdo and its editor, Philippe Val, deserve the What the Hell Were You Thinking award. Truth is, the victims of the Kosher Market were buried in Israel. I have no idea why since Charlie Hebo's editor was pro Israel and brought all this grief upon the Jews in France! Yes, hear me out. Hebdo threw Jews in France under the bus. Charlie Hebdo is a Zionist, or pro Zionist magazine! It is provoking Muslims on purpose, not for purposes of free speech, but to incite them against the Zionists and other Jews. Now French Jews are moving to Israel and that is what this is all about. Israel wants this, and you helped them, Philippe. That is my opinion and I stand by it. Both Wikipedia and Counterpunch stand by their view that the magazine and Mr Val are pro Israel. Wa

Where Have All the Kennedy Liberals Gone? I Have an Award to Give Out

John F Kennedy was a liberal, but he was for gun rights. He was assassinated by the Zionists and LBJ and was a brave man who hated the New World Order. Old Lyndon Johnson is on video saying "others" were involved and his girlfriend outed him as predicting the demise of JFK the day before. And his best buddy, D Harold Byrd, owned the damn Texas Book Depository! [Update: Now we find out that Bill O'Reilly of Fox News has said he was in Miami for the "suicide" or so called suicide of Oswalds' friend, George Mohrenschildt, who was writing a book vindicating Oswald. But phone records apparently put the no spin idiot in Dallas, Texas, according to a Business Insider article. How interesting. He thinks up this story of being in Miami to confirm a suicide while he was in Dallas, where the Texans, LBJ and George HW Bush, most likely killed JFK! O'Reilly is rewriting history but he was been caught in multiple lies. He is a New World Order globalist shill, in

Israeli Lap Dog Libertarian Globalist Rand Paul Slated for Important Award

Rand Paul has proven he is a lap dog libertarian who is really just for Israel. He introduced legislation that would forbid aid to the Palestinians because they want to join a world court that seeks justice for governmental war crimes. That passion for justice for the underdog on the part of Paul has earned him an award of great importance. The award is slated to be presented to him at the Gary Anderson headquarters. The award is known as the award for excellence in the destruction of true justice. In Rand Paul's case let's just call it the ED award , which also corresponds with his erectile dysfunction according to recent statements from his wife, Kelley. Just kidding. I have no idea what his wife's opinion is about his ED. But, most people already know that Rand Paul is a prock. He is also a dumb fook. His erectile dysfunction makes his closet Zionism all the more disgusting. He can't get it up when thinking about Israel but he wants to. Hence he remains in th

Champion of Zionism and Israel, Alan Dershowitz, Accused of Sex with Underage Girl

Alan Dershowitz, pro Zionist and pro Israel, has been accused of having sex with an underage girl. Now we know Dershowitz has denied the claims, but simply having to face these charges seems to us as a form of justice. Dershowitz once said that the Zionists should back off the Greater Israel concept, and when they didn't you would have thought he would have repudiated Zionism. But he didn't. So now he faces the aggravation and destruction of his character regardless of guilt or innocence. I was amused at Business Insider's title regarding Dershowitz. It was: How a Famous Harvard Professor Got Caught Up in a Financier's Sex Abuse Scandal. BI just couldn't say Dershowitz had been accused of sex with an underage girl right in the title. Zionism is such a club. Zionism is not Judaism. It is a wicked financial and political system that dominates the western worl