Champion of Zionism and Israel, Alan Dershowitz, Accused of Sex with Underage Girl

Alan Dershowitz, pro Zionist and pro Israel, has been accused of having sex with an underage girl. Now we know Dershowitz has denied the claims, but simply having to face these charges seems to us as a form of justice.

Dershowitz once said that the Zionists should back off the Greater Israel concept, and when they didn't you would have thought he would have repudiated Zionism. But he didn't.

So now he faces the aggravation and destruction of his character regardless of guilt or innocence.

I was amused at Business Insider's title regarding Dershowitz. It was: How a Famous Harvard Professor Got Caught Up in a Financier's Sex Abuse Scandal. BI just couldn't say Dershowitz had been accused of sex with an underage girl right in the title.

Zionism is such a club.

Zionism is not Judaism. It is a wicked financial and political system that dominates the western world. 


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