Israeli Lap Dog Libertarian Globalist Rand Paul Slated for Important Award

Rand Paul has proven he is a lap dog libertarian who is really just for Israel. He introduced legislation that would forbid aid to the Palestinians because they want to join a world court that seeks justice for governmental war crimes.

That passion for justice for the underdog on the part of Paul has earned him an award of great importance. The award is slated to be presented to him at the Gary Anderson headquarters. The award is known as the award for excellence in the destruction of true justice. In Rand Paul's case let's just call it the ED award, which also corresponds with his erectile dysfunction according to recent statements from his wife, Kelley.

Just kidding. I have no idea what his wife's opinion is about his ED.

But, most people already know that Rand Paul is a prock. He is also a dumb fook. His erectile dysfunction makes his closet Zionism all the more disgusting. He can't get it up when thinking about Israel but he wants to. Hence he remains in the closet.

Rand Paul preaches peace, not war. Yet he doesn't want justice for the Palestinians either. One wonders how he can hold this phony position. He knows that the occupation of the Palestinians is hurtful and that it is  a stealing of land that started with the Plan Dalet.

But then, Rand Paul supported British Petroleum when the oil company was bad mouthing the little people in the gulf of Mexico after the big oil spill. If he is a putz, Paul is a putz with ED.

And that presents a problem for people who want justice. Turns out, Rand Paul even suffers from LD, libertarian dysfunction. This is because Ron Paul, who really wanted peace, and really exposed Israel, was a libertarian who had it right about Palestine.

While I hate the religion of self that is libertarianism, at least I can acknowledge that Ron Paul said Hamas is a a result of  Israeli policy. And 9/11 is a result if Israeli policy. And unfairness to the Palestinians is wrong.

But then he went and said Jerusalem can be the Israeli capital. He obviously doesn't understand that the Palestinians have important claims on Jerusalem that are historical and that would help the cause of peace.

So, there is a lot of ignorance out there amongst the libertarians.

But I digress. Rand Paul is a Zionist libertarian even if his father was not. Yet, maybe they both, by wanting to roll away regulation of banksters, prove they are pro Zionist as the cabal includes big finance, not just Israel.

To be totally anti Zionist seems to be impossible in the current scheme of things, or you just can't function in government.

But Zionism is a curse. We are cursed, Rand Paul, and you don't even know it. We know that the Zionist attempt to establish a new Zion in Israel had no divine authority or scriptural sanction. We know this. And yet, our nation is owned by those who want this Zionist Rothschild project to be the preeminent political movement in the world. It makes no sense, unless you realize that power, and ultimate power is not answering to God, but will one day have to answer to God.

Messiah was to establish the New Zion according to the scriptures. And you would think that the libertarians would want to know this. Apparently they don't fear God. Well, we knew that didn't we?

Rand Paul then, is ignorantly angering God by refusing the occupied Palestinians recourse to the courts. You just can't serve God and Zionism at the same time, Rand Paul.

When receiving his ED award, Rand Paul was told of these things. He looked at me wild eyed, almost like Gary Busey. And then he said:

I don't believe in God. I do what the world looks on as right. I go by consensus, and the rich are winning. I want to win too.
In the face of such simplicity and honest ignorance, what are you gonna do?

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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