Netanyahu Wins the I Am Your Daddy, America, Award for Controlling US Foreign Policy

Benjamin Netanyahu said that America is easily controlled by the Israelis. It is not anti Semitic to say that Israel controls the American foreign policy. That is, unless you want to label Netanyahu anti Semitic! Yet the Main Stream Media wants you to think that blaming Israel for control over American foreign policy is still anti Semitism. That is MSM fraud!

Netanyahu does not want peace or a settlement with the Palestinians. He never did. He knows the US will not get in the way of the Israel's taking of land in the West Bank.

Netanyahu lied about saying he supported the Oslo Accords when the peace process was working in the Clinton administration in the 90's. But he was never going to give an inch of land owed to the Palestinians, but in fact has steadily taken more and boasted about manipulating the peace process. The Washington Post reported this in fairness to the limited MSM coverage.

Here is what Netanyahu said when he was not aware he was miked, and it is on video. This is the translation from the Hebrew language:

"I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in the way."

So, in honor of this statement, and since Sharon is dead, and his statements were even more inflamatory, I am presenting Benjamin Netanyahu, a Sharon Clone without the girth, with the "I Am Your Daddy, America", award. He is our daddy and we allow it because the US media won't tell you this stuff. It has to be by word of mouth that we learn this evil control Israel has over US foreign policy.

I presented the award as Bibi arrived early to speak to congress, which was arranged by John Boehner in circumventing POTUS. Truth is, this is just an example of the power Netanyahu has over America and Boehner is acting like a disrespectful traitor to America.

Even Fox News Wallace and Shepard Smith are repulsed by Boehner's "wicked" behavior.

We know that Sharon said this before he lapsed into a well deserved coma:

 “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

He made that statement on  the radio, and Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today, heard it with his own ears. And Sharon said this in October, 2001, which was less than a month after 9/11!

What more proof do we need that Israel was in on the 9/11 attacks! And Newt Gingrich worked closely with Wolfowitz, Perle and the other neocons leading up to 9/11 based on research by If Newt is a Zionist, sold out to 9/11 attacks on his own nation, the entire government is Zionist, which is an elite political movement and is not Judaism in any way.

Now, Netanyahu made this claim about control over America, way back in 2010. If the mainstream press has made no effort to expose this, but rather is still promoting the idea that it is anti Semitism to accuse Israel of control over US foreign policy, we are doomed to continued brainwashing as a nation.

Netanyahu did blush as I presented the award. He said he was flattered that people see him as their daddy. It was, after all, his goal all along. I attempted to slap him for his arrogance, but Newt held me back and said you worship this god, and you don't slap him.

You make me sick, Newt.

Oh, and don't forget, Zionism is multiracial, at least worldwide. It is pretty racist in Israel itself. The right wing wants Arab Israeli citizens to leave Palestine. That is pretty racist.

The only MSM media that I have found to have reported the story is not the Huffington Post, but its less read partner, the World Post.

With regard to the history and religious history of Israel and the UK and the connection between the two, I emailed Noam Chomsky this viewpoint:

I want to run by you something important from a religious perspective. The prophets and the Torah spoke of a New Zion,established by the Messiah. Most Jews understood this, though not understanding that Christ was that Messiah. But when Zionism was formed in the early days, there was resistance to establishing a Zion without the sanction of God and most Jews resisted.
Add to this, that God hated the Roman Empire above all others, yet the Square Mile adopted as its heritage that it is the extension of the Roman Empire and you have a political movement of neo Romans who support a fake Zion. 
While this is how ignoring religion impacts politics, and I am a firm believer in separation of church and state, it is clear that the UK Square Mile (Londinium) and Israel have disrespected the scriptures and have clearly ignored God's clear warning against establishing unauthorized Zions.

Some could say freedom from religion is all good, but I believe it is all bad when it comes to this empire. The Square Mile and Israel along with their army in the US called the Neoconservatives, are rogue operations with massive power, doing regime change and killing millions of people. They have thrown millions into poverty or relative poverty compared to their previous positions with easy loans and through very hurtful war of regime change.

They have removed leaders who controlled their nations and now there are just warring factions and chaos. This was of course, the Yinon Zionist plan from the start.

The proof of this mistake in ignoring God is evident by the massive killings and suffering that has taken place through the hands of the west and its empire. The experiment in empire has failed. It has become a curse on the average citizen. Hot money comes in to this or that nation, pushes up prices and then it leaves with easy profits. That has devastated not only the US, but also Europe and other places in the world.

Prof Chomsky knows that the Anglo-American empire has killed countless millions of people and, in fact, he has documented this. Without gaining our sovereignty back as a nation, we are ruled in part by the UK and by Israel and that is a result of rich elite men ignoring the knowledge that most Jewish people had prior to the establishment of Zionism in the 1800's.

As long as I am able to own the domain, I will go into the details of the gospel of Christ for free. But even the unbelieving Zionist globalists who have wrecked this havoc on the world through mass killings should reassess what they are doing and what evil they are unleashing on the world. They should read Chomsky's documented evidence of this mass murder by the empire.

Who knows what dangers exist for this continual ambition for world domination?

Also, we know Zionism is not Judaism, although many Jews have modified their understanding of the scriptures to fit the reality of Israel. That is a huge mistake. On the other hand, there are a growing number of Jewish people, like the True Torah Jews, who understand that Israel is a fake Zion with no right to claim the authority of God for its existence.

We should politically support True Torah Jews and other Jewish groups who hate Zionism as a political movement and who know it is a fake Zion. These dedicated people have more knowledge of scripture than the evangelical right wing so called Christians who support the fake Zion!

Yep, those evangelical right wingers are ignorant of the Old Testament prophets and the Torah and are often the most vocal warmongers. These so called Christian Zionists are fraudsters from the beginning.

I have an award for them as well, which I would like to award on a trap floor that went straight to hell. Maybe I could call the award the He Never Knew You award. But don't worry readers, their judgement will come at the end time.

I support the sovereignty of the USA. I pay my taxes. I have a right to free speech. I don't believe in dodging taxes. However, I don't believe walking away from unfair credit is necessarily a bad thing. I do not believe in the sovereign man movement, but believe God has instituted sovereign nations. He hates empire, and our globalist Zionist empire is no exception. America needs to determine its own sovereign foreign policy goals, not as part of a greater empire. 

 Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


  1. "Here is what Netanyahu said when he was not aware he was miked, and it is on video."
    When one quotes a video, he should give the link to it.

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