Pro Zionist Charlie Hebdo Receives "What the Hell Were You Thinking" Award for Throwing Jews Under Bus

It is happening again. French Jews suffered terrorist acts in a Kosher Market and on the same day, the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters was blown up. French police connected the attacks. That connection is why Charlie Hebdo and its editor, Philippe Val, deserve the What the Hell Were You Thinking award.

Truth is, the victims of the Kosher Market were buried in Israel. I have no idea why since Charlie Hebo's editor was pro Israel and brought all this grief upon the Jews in France! Yes, hear me out. Hebdo threw Jews in France under the bus.

Charlie Hebdo is a Zionist, or pro Zionist magazine! It is provoking Muslims on purpose, not for purposes of free speech, but to incite them against the Zionists and other Jews. Now French Jews are moving to Israel and that is what this is all about. Israel wants this, and you helped them, Philippe. That is my opinion and I stand by it.

Both Wikipedia and Counterpunch stand by their view that the magazine and Mr Val are pro Israel. Was it just a matter of time before something like the attacks took place, because of Charlie Hebdo's continual mocking of Muslim icons? Of course.

French Jews moving to Israel, because of these attacks, means less land for the Palestinians, and they have at least an equal claim to the land of Palestine! Israel is an ongoing war criminal nation, when it comes to the Palestinians. 60 plus years of occupation should outrage any rational observer.

We are on to your manipulations, Zionists. You are scum. It is not the first time that Jews have been sacrificed for the Zionist cause. That happened in World War 2 and there are other examples freely published. It is just the latest example of same. It could happen in the USA, too.

Young Jewish people  from the USA are ignoring Israel and they could be the target of Zionists too, some day.

What the hell were you thinking Philippe? Since ownership of the magazine is either placed at your feet or a closely held secret and you are the main editor, you are endangering Jews in France and you don't see anything wrong with this?

This is why I flew to France and presented you with the What the Hell award. You may as well have that, Philippe, to remember your co workers better, you idiot. I tried to kick you in the nuts for your wicked ways, but was restrained by a brave Muslim peacemaker. There are those such Muslims in France, and the Kosher Market folks know this and are happy one was there for them.

And we have the example of Sine, a cartoonist employed by Charlie Hebdo, who was accused of anti Semitism in 2009, for stereotyping a French leader's relationship with a Jewish Heiress, saying his son would convert to Judaism. He was accused of fomenting racial hatred for a mild stereotype!

What fomenting of racial hatred was going on with the hurtful pictures of the Muslim prophet to an entire people? How much racial hatred have those fomented, Philippe? And you insulted Jesus Christ as well according to Counterpunch.

And where was the French government to throw you into the courts, as is their way if Jewish folks are hurt.

Now, in America, we allow the Zionist, Sacha Baron Cohen to stereotype everyone under the sun in Borat, although he leaves out the Jewish people in that stereotyping. People tolerate that here because of our tradition of toleration. And many here are mesmerized and can't figure it out. Sacha was trained in Israel and most people don't know this.

However, Charlie Hebdo knew it was putting Jews in danger. Just having freedom of speech does not mean you cannot censor yourself. I do it all the time. I know and write satire, and it needs to be self censored.

You are scum, Philippe. And no offense to pond scum in saying so. We believe in tolerance of all religion here. We respect all religion but don't give up our own views. We know Zionism is not Judaism. So we don't respect Zionism as a religion, which is a nationalism that from a religious perspective, has no legitimacy whatsoever! But we tolerate even Zionism.

We tolerate Zionism, but write satire about it because it has such a horrible record of behavior, since 1895, when Herzl said that the natives would have to be relocated! That was before the Holocaust and before one shot was fired between the Arab and Jewish residents of Palestine! Zionism was wicked at its birth in the 1800's! 

So, Philippe, you have all the Zionist leaning media making you into a hero. But you and I know you aren't. You are no hero. And that media is as sick as you are. And you know that too. CNN is falling all over itself to play up the violent record, and doesn't take you to task as the root cause of the violence, Philippe. We know all about CNN and the MSM.

There is a new editor at Charlie Hebdo, but it doesn't bury your reckless disregard for life, Philippe, just to further your cause. Again, that is my opinion, but I am not the only one with that opinion.

One more point. Apparently there is no Sharia Law ruling areas of Paris, France. Fox News is perhaps the most adamant US network for claiming that there is. Fox deserves the Ignorance Award, and I will be flying out to their headquarters to present the award, but the damage has no doubt been done to the image of France.

In remembrance:

1. We were going to take up CNN's advocacy of vacationing in Israel when the sirens were going off in the last Gaza war, but Mayor Bloomberg just didn't sound credible, so we stayed home. Just kidding, we would never vacation in Israel.

2. And we almost believed CNN that children in Gaza during the war were not targeted by the Israeli army until a physician and a journalist said that was a lie, and children were murdered just for the fun of it.

3. The Israeli military says don't cut aid to the Palestinians for joining the ICC. They have Ramallah on the West Bank in the palm of their hands and want to keep it that way.

4. The Israeli intelligence officials protested using US NSA info against the Palestinians as the US just gave the conversations to the Israelis without even listening to them. Who is in charge? Apparently the Israelis, but kudos to their intelligence people. Netanyahu mocked them, however.

5. Yinon Zionism laid out the plan carried out by the neocons. Change the regime in Iraq, and split Iraq into three nations. Look at what destabilization and hurt has come from that? But the Muslims are playing into the hands of the Zionists, who, if it weren't for their miserable treatment of the Palestinians, could almost think they were a superior race, as they are the puppeteers. But don't forget this, they have the money from Europe, and the backing of the USA, especially from the multiracial Zionist neocons, or they would be nothing.

Update: With the Copenhagen shootings at the blasphemy debate, Israel calls for mass immigration of European Jews to Israel. Why is that not a surprise? I have warned in this very article prior to the Copenhagen incidents, that this was a major motive of Israel and drove Charlie Hebdo's pro Israel editor, Val.

If that immigration happens, the Palestinians will have less land. I am confident that Israel was in on Charlie Hebdo's little scheme, and it would not surprise me that Israel was somehow involved in Copenhagen although it is less obvious.

Netanyahu has garnered another award for this call for mass immigration to Israel by Jews in Europe. It is the Continual Rejection of all things Palestinian award, or CRAP award. 

Was Lars Vilks, the author of the offensive cartoon in Denmark pro Israel as Charlie Hebdo was? Or perhaps he was used by the Zionists who seek massive immigration of Jews to Israel.

Certainly, the massive transfer of Jews to Israel would be a brain coup, and would hurt the Palestinians, and would even force a move to the long held Zionist desire of having a Greater Israel, which we get a peak at through Yinon Zionism.

Thinking into the future, could Jews leaving Europe result in a proxy war between Russia and the US on European soil? You wonder when you hear things like the US contemplating arming the Ukraine. 

And, since the same type of plans, to get Jews to go to Israel, could happen in the USA, Jews in the USA and all over the world must speak out more loudly against Zionism, and I know some already do. But more must do this. It is likely that Netanyahu will permit Jews in the US to stay in the US without calling for immigration, but you don't know for sure.

The UK is supportive of Israel through the Square Mile, so I don't see this behavior happening in that nation at this time.

For Jews, Israel is not the home of the Jews, because the Messiah didn't found it. If Jews believe the prophets, they can come to no other conclusion. So when Netanyahu says that Israel is THE home of the Jews, he is lying. 

Certainly, the goal of Israel is to have the bulk of the worldwide Jewish population living in Israel or in the USA, and maybe in the UK and Canada, all controlled by Israel through the globalist Zionist financial cabal.

Oh yes, and the Fed is a private Zionist Globalist bank, according to the court case, Lewis versus the USA, 1982. The court didn't say it was Zionist but we can connect the dots, especially when it bailed out foreign wealthy funds throughout the UK commonwealth in the last decade, even doing so in the Cayman Islands.

FYI, Zionism worldwide is a multiracial cabal, except in Israel where it has strong racist tendencies. And if you think Netanyahu is a good guy, remember he said that ISIS Is Good for Israel. How does that make you feel, America?

I don't support most war, but is the US operating in our own national interest by limiting our actions against the new threat, just to please Bibi? We don't exert our own national interest when it comes to most things we do in the middle east. We have operated to please Yinon Zionist or similar doctrine since 2000.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


  1. I love your truther articles. Why are Americans such sheeples!

    1. Thank you. I believe the control of the press is key to their power. There simply are not enough voices exposing the globalist cabal and the extent of their power.

  2. ...what race is islam? ..check Ur history of "palestinians". Arab leaders say never was, not now, never be...started in '48 to have something against jews. 'palestine' = 'sudetenland'! ...check it out. due to violence & murder in sharia law & koran... TP

    1. First of all, anonymous, why don't you have the guts to just give your name? As far as your post is concerned, the Plan Dalet of 1948 was murderous and was a plan concocted in 1895 when Herzl first planned Zionism. He was going to pay the rich and shepherd the poor over the borders, but the Zionists just killed and stoned a few women and children and the 750 thousand Palestinians, who belonged to the land, were forced to leave. Israel sucks for that evil deed and then the Palestinians were homeless and the Arabs sent them back. They have been prisoners of the West Bank and Gaza ever since. Wicked Israel is responsible for all of this.

  3. Update: Since this was written I have taken DNA tests. I have a sliver of Jewish DNA, both Ashkenazi and Sephardic. I have almost 200 known Ashkenazi Jewish DNA triangulated cousins. Some are on Chromosome 6, the 6th cousins, and some on Chromosome 22, the 5th cousins. I also have ancient Jewish DNA from Gedrosian testing. I found out that the Ashkenazi Jewish cousins of mine are all related to the Palestinians. Therefore, what Israel is doing is suppressing a people who descended from Jacob! That can't be sitting well with God Almighty! Israel must fix the sad situation with the Palestinians. At that point, I could even support the nation. But I can't as long as the Palestinians are treated like crap.


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