Where Have All the Kennedy Liberals Gone? I Have an Award to Give Out

John F Kennedy was a liberal, but he was for gun rights. He was assassinated by the Zionists and LBJ and was a brave man who hated the New World Order. Old Lyndon Johnson is on video saying "others" were involved and his girlfriend outed him as predicting the demise of JFK the day before. And his best buddy, D Harold Byrd, owned the damn Texas Book Depository!

[Update: Now we find out that Bill O'Reilly of Fox News has said he was in Miami for the "suicide" or so called suicide of Oswalds' friend, George Mohrenschildt, who was writing a book vindicating Oswald. But phone records apparently put the no spin idiot in Dallas, Texas, according to a Business Insider article. How interesting.

He thinks up this story of being in Miami to confirm a suicide while he was in Dallas, where the Texans, LBJ and George HW Bush, most likely killed JFK! O'Reilly is rewriting history but he was been caught in multiple lies. He is a New World Order globalist shill, in my opinion. He wants history to show big oil, the neocons, the Republicans and the globalist financiers, all known as the Zionists, had nothing to do with the JFK assassination, which is what we get from his books.]

Since the last "sovereign nation" president, JFK, was assassinated, the liberals, who had no clue that the USA killed JFK, became strong gun control advocates, unknowingly playing into the hands of the Zionist globalists. A Zionist introduced gun control into the House where it sat until JFK and MLK were assassinated, and LBJ signed the bill into law.

I have an award to give, to the most representative Kennedy liberal. But, I can't find one. I have an award, and want to hand it out. But you can't give it to that sorry Zionist Bloomberg. You can't give it to that sorry Zionist Obama.

They make me puke. Really. So, thinking that the Republicans walked in the way of Kennedy, I looked into their positions regarding gun rights. Yes, they are for gun rights. But when you look more deeply, they are bought and paid for by the Zionists as well. Even Sarah Palin is a Zionist, being funded and sponsored by two Rothschilds.

Yes, the Republicans believe in gun rights, but they want you to point them towards black people and are racists. That is also a Zionist policy, to foment racism and division in the USA.

So, as much as I tried to give the award to a Republican, I could not. There are none qualified. No, not even one Kennedy liberal exists in either party. Chuck Hagel was a true JFK liberal, but he was not even permitted to serve out a full term as Secretary of Defense. They wanted his kind banished.

After all, Hagel revealed the New World Order to Obama in 2009. Looks like Obama was a good NWO soldier, as no bankster was prosecuted for the toxic, easy money loans that destroyed the middle class last decade. Obama was a Zionist globalist. He let the bankers off completely!

And the liberals that do exist now are given a bad name, for wanting to help the poor and elderly. Why would anyone hate people who want to help the poor? Would you non liberals rather they just starve? Yet you allow way more tax money and welfare to trickle up to the banksters and that is ok? The bad name is given by, you guessed it, the Zionists.

Will Rogers would be ashamed of you liberal haters. He was as clever as they come, and he accomplished much. But he didn't believe in ignoring the poor in times of hardship, and he was a great American. When has it become a reality that in order to be a great American you have to be a hard nosed and selfish son of a bitch who loves the big banks?

Will Rogers did not love the big banks. He was disgusted by big banksters. People are opposed to helping the poor because of the debt created. But in fact, if the US issued its own currency, constitutionally, there would not be interest placed upon the currency itself.

And money handed out to the poor is not hoarded by banksters, but spent into the real economy. Real small business benefits directly.

The curse of Zionism has made liberalism look bad. But historically, liberalism has been responsive to the people, not to the banks and the rich. It was once viewed with honor, not dishonor.

Others say liberals have no common sense and are communistic. But maybe the critics have unlimited lack of common sense themselves in bailing out the big banks with more money than liberals have ever spent on the poor. The banks owe way more than TARP. They owe for the financial crisis they caused. That means they owe trillions of dollars back to America. I don't see any clawbacks, do you?

It isn't communism to bail out the big banks, but that is because the banksters keep the money, and they are the private sector. But otherwise, it looks like communism. And it far exceeds any help extended to the poor, by trillions.

The curse of Zionism is the curse of big finance and greed. It is not better to be banks first and people second. That means the banks are ruling America. That should concern all of us.

Thanks to Zionism, regime change has disrupted the world and made more military spending necessary. Zionism is a curse, because Zionism is a political movement that is false and is hated throughout the world. That makes America hated for supporting the movement.

All the terrorism in the world is magnified because America supports and is captured by Zionism. It is indeed a curse we live under as a nation. There would likely be far less terrorism if Zionism did not exist.

Zionism is established on three foundational premises.

First, Zionism rejects the biblical notion that the Messiah would establish the New Zion. Whether that new Zion is spiritual or physical, it was to be established by the Messiah and not by self avowed atheists like David Ben-Gurion. Supporting this fake Zion is a curse.

Second, the regime change of Zionism applied worldwide, is the basis for Zionist power. Zionism has created regime change in the US and in the middle east and in the Ukraine and called it democracy, the code word for regime change.

Third, Zionism is a New World Order project, a political and economic movement that is backed by the richest people in the West, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Capitalism is a code word for predatory movement of capital which is hot money. This hot money moves through predatory economic schemes and through planned war. Zionism is globalism, a world movement for political and economic superiority, with Israel as a central player.

This hot money makes its way throughout the world looking for a fast profit. What is left after the Zionists profit is housing crashes, oil crashes, financial and lending contractions, and human death and dislocations.

Zionism is a political movement that is wicked to its very core. It is not Judaism. It is multiracial in its makeup. It is empire, and God hates empire.

JFK was under no illusion, and hated that fake Zion and hated that New World Order that causes wars and profits from them. He attempted to change laws to stop the Zionists. They stopped him instead.

I still have the award, but all the liberals are now Zionists. That means they are phony liberals.

I am looking for a real liberal, not a phony Zionist liberal like Obama or Biden or the Clintons. I have an award, the JFK Liberal award, I can't award it as long as we are under this curse. So, my award may never be given out, and that is sad indeed.

Not only is JFK gone, everything he stood for is gone as well. LBJ gave the USA to the Zionists. He was an avid Zionist and it was due to family ties.

I was thinking about giving out a  phony liberal award instead, but I don't have enough statues for all the people who qualify.

But don't worry, readers, it would have been better for the Zionists that they never saw one hour of sunshine than to face what they will face at the end of time. God's full wrath will come upon them. You cannot serve God and serve Zionism. And they will find that out the hard way.

More Jewish people are speaking out against Zionism or they are ignoring the Zionists and Israeli behavior against the Palestinians and its neighbors. All peoples must speak out against Zionism for the danger this globalist movement can manifest.

I urge Jewish people not to move to Israel, but to demand that their governments keep them safe. But in a more perfect world, they would speak out against Israel's treatment of the Palestinians as just one example. This is the right thing to do. More are, but more need to speak out.

As for my award, I don't expect to be giving out the real liberal award anytime soon. Maybe I could present it to myself. That is like kissing your sister. People who have sisters have told me that, anyway.

In remembrance:

1. The credit crisis was a freeze caused by bankers making easy money loans that could not be paid back. The credit crisis cost way more than TARP, trillions upon trillions of dollars. That is what you owe back to America, banksters. Trillions upon trillions you owe, not the relatively little amount that you paid back in TARP. 

2. Minimum wage rising is the only way to pry money from the wealthy and it is long overdue.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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