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Feinstein and Durbin Thrown under the Bus by Warmonger Netanyahu. Presented Prestigious Award

Update: Before I get into the Feinstein-Durbin award, I would like to offer this update. Rachel Maddow, who I have criticized previously for her apparent silence regarding the nation of Israel has come out saying a few words, that were not extensive but were strong. She said, and I paraphrase, that the Republicans bowed down to a foreign leader, Netanyahu, who gave his speech today. If she feels that way, she gets my It's About Time award, which is a positive award. Let us hope she continues to uphold this view, although I have some remaining skepticism. I went to her office and gave her the award. I polished it up some, which is rare for me. I prefer to hand out dull, unpolished awards to the idiots who deserve them. I shined the award a little bit since I am not sure she has escaped the Zionist cabal and its influence over the main stream media. Maddow graciously accepted the award. So, then, back to the Durbin-Feinstein fiasco. Dick Durbin and Diane Feinstein, long time

iNFORMATiON FARM: The History of the House of Rothschild | World Rul...

iNFORMATiON FARM: The History of the House of Rothschild | World Rul... : [The propaganda documentary above, The Assent of Money, by Niall Ferguson was funded by the financial industry with the assistance of Geo... Gary here. This is a must read. This shows the history of the Rothschilds and their evil deeds. Since this time, two Rothschilds, including Lady Lynn de Rothschild, have sponsored Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. They buy everyone in politics. 

Must See NYC Firefighter Exposing the 9/11 False Flag Crime

This is a must see and this man understands the truth and knows, as a Fire Marshall, what he is talking about:

Taub Says Zionism Has Nothing to Do with Zion. Here Is My Response

I wrote this to Zoe Rubin, editor of the Yale Globalist: Hi Zoe, I read the Prof [Gadi]Taub article defining Zionism. Well, since it isn't Zion, it shouldn't have the star of David on its flag. Since it isn't Zion, it should not be called Zionism. Since it isn't Zion, and we know this because the Messiah is to establish the New Zion according to the prophets, no mention of religion in connection with the state should be made and the Talmud should play no part in the government of Israel. Truth is, Zoe, Israel is a FAKE Zion. My natural father was Jewish and I was adopted at a very young age. I know a fraud when I see one and Israel is a fraud. It is amazing the extent globalist Zionists go to justify Zionism as a political movement. It is a political movement but has no justification at all. Since Taub says Zionism isn't about a Zion, that pretty much cuts Israel loose from any religious authority or birthright to the land.  It makes the ba

Kayla Mueller Is Dead But Netanyahu Said ISIS Is Good for Israel

Bibi Netanyahu has been tapped for a prestigious award. This award is named World's Biggest Asshole award and has been won by George W Bush and Dick Cheney in the past. Netanyahu earned the award, in the face of the death of Kayla Mueller, for saying previously that "ISIS IS GOOD FOR ISRAEL." Netanyahu said the US should stay out of the Iraq conflict, not because Netanyahu wants the USA unencumbered, but because he wants ISIS to grow stronger as a counterweight to Iran. Keep in mind that under the doctrine of Yinon Zionism, the goal was always to split Iraq into three parts. With the demise of Saddam Hussein this goal was accomplished, as the US neocons made the Zionist goal happen. We now have Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish factions in Iraq, three nations instead of just one. And so, ISIS, who killed the Japanese fellows, burned the Jordanian pilot, and failed to release Kayla to avoid her death, is doing just what Israel and the Zionists want. We are perplexed by ISI

Senior Israeli Official Betrays Speaker John Boehner and Throws Him Under the Bus

John Boehner, speaker of the House of Representatives, invited Bibi Netanyahu to speak before congress, destroying proper protocol regarding heads of state. Boehner has more respect for Netanyahu than he does for his own president. So he bypassed Obama in order to extend the invitation. But Boehner has been betrayed by Israel in what must be a great embarrassment to him. Indeed, the true Israeli colors are showing. Israel doesn't really care about the Christian Zionists, who I call the Goyonists, who support it, except for what can be gained by Israel. So, when it looked like Netanyahu was reaping a backlash in the USA for this breach of protocol, it took no time for Israel to throw that barely patriotic Boehner under the bus. Boehner is pro Israel, and hopefully he will temper that misplaced enthusiasm going forward. Yes, a senior Israeli official threw Boehner under the bus, saying Boehner assured Israel that the Democrats were on board with the visitation by Netanyahu

Jim Cramer Smelled a Bottom in Oil Price and It Turned Out to Be His Own Smelly Ass

Jim Cramer smelled a bottom in oil. Well, oil was down 9 percent on February 4th, so I guess he was just smelling himself. Cramer was exposed by Zero Hedge , and now prices have crumbled. It is unfortunate that they allow the guy on TV. He has been accused of pumping and dumping before. Or maybe his friends do the dumping while he pumps. Yeah, while I don't have proof, that is a legitimate scenario. Otherwise, why would he even say anything knowing inventory was set to build? Maybe he will clarify his position in the coming months. Watch your money when Cramer is predicting! I know he says he is not giving investment advice. But he is on CNBC so much sometimes people forget that.