Feinstein and Durbin Thrown under the Bus by Warmonger Netanyahu. Presented Prestigious Award

Update: Before I get into the Feinstein-Durbin award, I would like to offer this update. Rachel Maddow, who I have criticized previously for her apparent silence regarding the nation of Israel has come out saying a few words, that were not extensive but were strong. She said, and I paraphrase, that the Republicans bowed down to a foreign leader, Netanyahu, who gave his speech today. If she feels that way, she gets my It's About Time award, which is a positive award. Let us hope she continues to uphold this view, although I have some remaining skepticism.

I went to her office and gave her the award. I polished it up some, which is rare for me. I prefer to hand out dull, unpolished awards to the idiots who deserve them. I shined the award a little bit since I am not sure she has escaped the Zionist cabal and its influence over the main stream media. Maddow graciously accepted the award.

So, then, back to the Durbin-Feinstein fiasco.

Dick Durbin and Diane Feinstein, long time supporters of the Wicked Zionism and Israel, have been thrown under the bus by Ben Netanyahu. These two senior senators had hoped to show that it was not only the Republicans who support Netanyahu. But Bibi rejected their invitation, qualifying them for a special award.

Turns out, Netanyahu wants Arab ambassadors to attend his speech, but doesn't want to meet with the Democrats. That is kind of outrageous, like who does Netanyahu think he is? Of course, he knows he is backed by the most powerful financiers in the world, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

So, America must be vigilante when dealing with these financiers and their desires.

Durbin and Feinstein, both Zionist globalists, have been awarded my prestigious Incredibly Moronic Achievement award at my office yesterday. They were sufficiently humbled to at least listen to my rant as I told them we as a nation are cursed by our support of Israel and globalist designs on world domination that Zionist Neocons desire.

It remains to be seen if they will take heed going forward, because, after all, they are incredibly moronic, and who knows, maybe they are masonic.

But I digress. Perhaps they will at least try to restrain this push for Israeli dominance of world affairs and globalist dominance that centers on Israeli power in the world.

By the way, you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist, as Durbin proves since he is non Jewish, and many Jews hate Zionism since it really has nothing to do with Judaism and predictions of the prophets.

While I had them in the office, I presented each senator with an additional plaque, which represented the Thrown Under the Bus by Netanyahu award, which all Americans qualify for. We have all been thrown under the bus by Netanyahu.

However, plaques have been given to Boehner, Durbin and Feinstein for their exemplary large tire tracks that are permanently imprinted on their bodies by their respective buses.

I recently read that the Zionists and the royalty of the UK are joined at the hip, as AngloZionists, so that destruction of one insures destruction of the other. And these AngloZionists think they are descendents of the Roman Empire, the Empire God hates!

I warned Durbin and Feinstein about all this and thought about slapping them like Moe did the other Stooges. Fact is, the relationship of royalty to Zionism is a closely guarded secret and we just have glimpses.

We get red flags about this relationship's impact on US politicians once in awhile, like Sarah Palin's creation as a national politician being the direct result of the sponsorship by Lady Lynn de Rothschild, whose family established the Rothschild project, you know, Israel. And she is a royal "Lady".Her husband is Lord Evelyn Robert de Rothschild.

The reason I don't call the Zionist cabal a Jewish cabal is because of the interconnection of this cabal, so that the UK royalty, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds all stand or fall together. The Zionist cabal is multiracial, with the non Jewish UK royalty, the Rockefellers and many more involved in the cabal, except in Israel itself, where it is quite racist, except for the multiracial nature of investment in Genie Energy, etc. And this interconnection will remain that way as long as the cabal exists. 

But I digress again. Since it appears Moe had little success modifying the behavior of Larry and Curly Joe, I figured slapping the senators would prove to be pretty futile. And they don't need any more red marks since the already have the bus tire marks. I showed them mercy.

Then I told them to get the hell out of my office. They make me sick, after all.

Of course, I believe Democrats are just as pro Israel as Republicans. But it appears that Netanyahu, continuing to interfere with US politics, wants to be represented by the Republicans. So, maybe going forward, a vote for the Republicans is a vote for Netanyahu. So if you don't want to be a traitor, you may have to quit voting Republican going forward.

And you Democratic traitors, like Feinstein and friends, just need to leave the Democratic Party. But I am not holding my breath that either party will put America first. They will have to prove it.

I am not advocating war with ISIS, but if it were in the national interest of the USA, the USA will never do so anyway. Scott Walker says he will defeat ISIS but since the Republican Party is owned by Netanyahu, and Netanyahu wants ISIS to succeed as a buffer to Iran, and because Walker is a Republican, he won't do anything different than the Democrats.

Netanyahu will slap him down like a little child and send Walker to his room. Scott Walker is in way over his head.

Regarding ISIS, Netanyahu wants us entangled in a never ending war where we fight ISIS but never defeat ISIS. 

Now look at Iran:

Let's just think about what could happen if Iran is invaded by Israel's proxy, the good ole USA. It won't be like Iraq, but rather will be worse. Russia could help Iran block the Strait of Hormuz. Russia will arm Iran. Russia will cause a fifth of the world's oil to not be delivered to the world if the Strait is closed for a long time in a war dragging out because both sides are armed to the teeth.

Russia may even join the battle.

Russia could then, after oil skyrockets, cut production! Yes, the US economy could crumble under this mother of all oil shortages, making OPEC of the '70's look like a tea party. All this miscalculation would go to pleasing Benjamin Netanyahu.  

Therefore, in the face of all this, the chief of staff of the US military said invading Iran is a bad idea. Netanyahu wants Iran defeated and wants Isreal to be the only power in the region according to the inner beliefs of Zionist doctrine. Those can be seen in the doctrine of Yinon Zionism, freely available on the internet. 

In the final analysis, Netanyahu certainly reminds me of a guy who has taken Viagra and can't get rid of an erection after more than 4 hours. After all, no one has screwed America with more regularity than Benjamin Netanyahu.

And even the Americans who think he oversteps his bounds in speaking to Congress, think way too highly of the man. After all, his sponsors, big finance, control the markets and have made every congressman and congresswoman into a millionaire. Money corrupts absolutely.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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