Taub Says Zionism Has Nothing to Do with Zion. Here Is My Response

I wrote this to Zoe Rubin, editor of the Yale Globalist:

Hi Zoe, I read the Prof [Gadi]Taub article defining Zionism. Well, since it isn't Zion, it shouldn't have the star of David on its flag. Since it isn't Zion, it should not be called Zionism. Since it isn't Zion, and we know this because the Messiah is to establish the New Zion according to the prophets, no mention of religion in connection with the state should be made and the Talmud should play no part in the government of Israel.

Truth is, Zoe, Israel is a FAKE Zion. My natural father was Jewish and I was adopted at a very young age. I know a fraud when I see one and Israel is a fraud.
It is amazing the extent globalist Zionists go to justify Zionism as a political movement. It is a political movement but has no justification at all. Since Taub says Zionism isn't about a Zion, that pretty much cuts Israel loose from any religious authority or birthright to the land. 

It makes the bad things done to the Palestinians void of any religious righteousness, and indeed it is just a criminal enterprise, this Zionism. 

Oh, and it is racist in Israel but multiracial world wide. And Zionism is simply nothing more than an elite globalist movement to consolidate financial, political and economic power for the benefit of a few people, relative to the world population.


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