Jim Cramer Smelled a Bottom in Oil Price and It Turned Out to Be His Own Smelly Ass

Jim Cramer smelled a bottom in oil. Well, oil was down 9 percent on February 4th, so I guess he was just smelling himself.

Cramer was exposed by Zero Hedge, and now prices have crumbled. It is unfortunate that they allow the guy on TV. He has been accused of pumping and dumping before. Or maybe his friends do the dumping while he pumps.

Yeah, while I don't have proof, that is a legitimate scenario. Otherwise, why would he even say anything knowing inventory was set to build?

Maybe he will clarify his position in the coming months. Watch your money when Cramer is predicting! I know he says he is not giving investment advice. But he is on CNBC so much sometimes people forget that.


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