Kayla Mueller Is Dead But Netanyahu Said ISIS Is Good for Israel

Bibi Netanyahu has been tapped for a prestigious award. This award is named World's Biggest Asshole award and has been won by George W Bush and Dick Cheney in the past.

Netanyahu earned the award, in the face of the death of Kayla Mueller, for saying previously that "ISIS IS GOOD FOR ISRAEL." Netanyahu said the US should stay out of the Iraq conflict, not because Netanyahu wants the USA unencumbered, but because he wants ISIS to grow stronger as a counterweight to Iran.

Keep in mind that under the doctrine of Yinon Zionism, the goal was always to split Iraq into three parts. With the demise of Saddam Hussein this goal was accomplished, as the US neocons made the Zionist goal happen. We now have Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish factions in Iraq, three nations instead of just one.

And so, ISIS, who killed the Japanese fellows, burned the Jordanian pilot, and failed to release Kayla to avoid her death, is doing just what Israel and the Zionists want. We are perplexed by ISIS, but anger should be directed mostly toward ZIONISM, both here at home with the neocon version, and toward Israel. Without Zionism, ISIS would not even exist. Netanyahu armed and treated the ISIS wounded!

Zionism, which seeks regime change in the middle east, chaos, and a weakening of the Arab states so they fight each other forever, has shaped the wicked deeds happening now in the middle east. It is a total outrage for Netanyahu to say:

"ISIS Is Good for Israel". 

That is just sick, but consistent with the perverse desires Israel has for the middle east, with continual war and murder and dislocation and injustice.

We know that Netanyahu backed off from his position, in saying in the fall of 2014 that ISIS should be defeated. However, he is lying because he supports Obama's position of limited airstrikes and is not interested in defeating a force that he sees as an offset to Iran.

Netanyahu is playing a very dangerous game, and Yinon doctrine permeates his thought.

You are an asshole, Benjamin, and the award is on its way since you refused to receive it during your ill advised speech planned for congress. The Republicans who sought this speech are apparently assholes as well. They could get the award as a group, next year.

I am generally opposed to war, especially war that inflames Russia. I support national self defense. However, if we do as we are told and let ISIS grow bigger, it may become a threat to the US. I am not advocating war against ISIS, however, the US needs to act in our national interest, not in Israel's national interest.

We understand the never ending historical conflict between Sunni and Shiite. Yet, those groups should understand they are being played like a fiddle by the Zionists. Zionism is the puppeteer and Sunnis and Shiites are the puppets. It is going along just fine with Netanyahu, who said, and it bears repeating over and over, that "ISIS is good for Israel".

The Zionists have succeeded in making the middle east more dangerous for nominal Christians too.

And sadly, Zionist John Kerry, Secretary of State, lied today when he said that ISIS is the cause of this death. While ISIS is the immediate cause, Kerry knows that the destruction of one Iraq with the demise of Saddam Hussein, by the US neocons and with the blessing of Israel, is the root cause of Kayla's death.

The US and Israel created ISIS, and Israel told the US to stay out of ISIS domination of part of Iraq. We are not in charge of our own foreign policy, Israel is. The goal was to remove Assad in Syria, all according to the Yinon Plan as well. It is on the net. Read up on it and see for yourselves. We are being led around Israel. We are being led around by the leader of Israel, an asshole if there ever was one. 

While ISIS is beheading people and cutting their hands off, people in America are starting to hate Obama even more because they think he is a Muslim. He apparently doesn't care that people hate him, because truth is, he is pleasing Netanyahu by letting ISIS grow and prosper.

So, Obama is a Zionist, not a Muslim, and is doing the will of Netanyahu. That is just sick. Obama is just sick and America is just stupid. Wake up Knuckleheads.You fellow Americans are ok with this? I didn't think so.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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