Senior Israeli Official Betrays Speaker John Boehner and Throws Him Under the Bus

John Boehner, speaker of the House of Representatives, invited Bibi Netanyahu to speak before congress, destroying proper protocol regarding heads of state. Boehner has more respect for Netanyahu than he does for his own president. So he bypassed Obama in order to extend the invitation.

But Boehner has been betrayed by Israel in what must be a great embarrassment to him.

Indeed, the true Israeli colors are showing. Israel doesn't really care about the Christian Zionists, who I call the Goyonists, who support it, except for what can be gained by Israel.

So, when it looked like Netanyahu was reaping a backlash in the USA for this breach of protocol, it took no time for Israel to throw that barely patriotic Boehner under the bus. Boehner is pro Israel, and hopefully he will temper that misplaced enthusiasm going forward.

Yes, a senior Israeli official threw Boehner under the bus, saying Boehner assured Israel that the Democrats were on board with the visitation by Netanyahu.

Only problem is, there is no way that Boehner could have gauged the intent of the Democrats, who quickly realized that a breach of protocol would not go over well with many of their constituents. Boehner seems happy to take the Israeli abuse. What a sicko.

So, we can't be sure the Israeli official is telling the truth about Boehner, but it is likely he is, and anyway, he should have known better than to make an end run around the head of state, Obama, regardless of his certainty regarding congress.

I am no fan of Obama, so let's be clear. He is a Goyonist too, refusing to prosecute a single big bankster for the housing bubble and financial crisis that followed.

However, he is not willing to go to war with Iran, which could draw in Russia and make the world a more dangerous place. He sets himself apart from the other Goyonists who want reckless war everywhere. Just listen to John McCain if you don't believe me.

But regardless of our political view on that subject, no American can be happy with Boehner ignoring the president of the United States, and no one can be happy with the Israelis throwing Boehner under the bus because that is a lesson in how the Israelis are. 

Remember, this party in power in Israel is racist, and sought to pay Israeli Arab citizens to leave Israel! This nation represents no values that we share. Democracy smocracy, Israel is racist against its own citizens and that doesn't even account for the occupation of the Palestinians for over 60 years. What was Boehner thinking? Is he an American patriot or a Goyonist? I don't think you can be both.

We, as Americans, have nothing in common with Israel. The Goyonists are fooled into thinking that the Zionists established a real Zion, when in fact, only the Messiah could do that according to the teachings of the prophets.

So, from a religious standpoint, there is nothing in Israel's Zionism that is true. There should be no Goyonists in the world and that includes the Rockefellers. What are they thinking?

And who can deny that the USA has been under a curse from this relationship with Israel, from the Lavon Affair to the assassination of JFK by LBJ (a Goyonist himself), to the USS Liberty, to 9/11 conspiracy.

Yes, we have been rocked, and hurt as a nation by Israel and it is fitting that that dumbass, Boehner gets to taste the betraying spirit of Israel firsthand.

Justice works in mysterious ways. 

So, I have invited Boehner to Las Vegas and intend to present him with the Fooked by Israel award. No one is more deserving than that little political opportunistic rat. And please, no offense to rats.

Truth is, that senior Israeli official just whacked Boehner's cajones off. But since he hasn't used them in years (nor his backbone, either), he probably won't even miss them or notice they are gone. 

 Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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