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Jamie Dimon Doesn't Fear Being a Criminal When Called Out by Warren Major points in this article show the shocking behavior and attitude of Jamie Dimon and by inference, big bankers in general: 1. Elizabeth Warren calls out Jamie Dimon for taking on too much risk and for breaking the law. 2. Jamie Dimon responds by saying his bank could afford the fines. 3. Now the banks threaten to withhold campaign donations to Democrats if they don't stop Warren from attempting to regulate the banks further. 4. This inference based on the article: The banks  incur no criminal penalties, as they do not acknowledge any criminal acts while paying the fines. Dimon has no fear of being prosecuted as a criminal for breaking the law. This, of course, is the New World Order at work, and what FDR, Eisenhower, and JFK fought against, government being railroaded by the international globalist banking cartel.

The History of Globalization Cannot Be Placed with University Historians Many like those writing the above article, seek to have historians from universities document globalization. There is a serious problem with this approach. Many of the political and religious and economic factors that influence globalization are backed by real conspiracies. I don't see colleges even bothering to explore these conspiracies. They want to keep main stream. They want to establish their credibility and they would either have to debunk conspiracies, which is a process of lying about 9/11, Sandy Hook, the motive for the Iraq War, the plan for regime change in the middle east, etc., or they would have to ignore the conspiracies. Serious students would tear them apart, intellectually. So I can understand why historians don't want to touch globalization with a 10 foot pole. Even Noam Chomsky, who approaches the issue of globalization from an historical perspective, has a blind spot when it comes to co

Were collateralized debt obligations (CDO) responsible for the 2008 financial crisis? Turns out, the Bankruptcy Bill of 2007, which destroyed the ability for a clean break from one's past debts, forced people out of their homes, exactly what the bankers wanted. They got their property back. Not covered in this article is that the Republicans pushed this bill and are the evil culprits, but a small group of Democrats, led by Harry Reid, enabled the bill to be passed. This article points out that the wicked Bankruptcy Bill of 2007 has caused a special scorn to be placed upon these Democrats who abandoned their constituency for the rich and powerful. Harry Reid deserves scorn for passing this Wicked Zionist bill. He has done much for the New World Order and if he lost sight in both eyes (he injured himself and lost sight in one eye), it would not repay the damage he has done to the American middle class and poor. No one hopes Harry Re

I Can Prove the Fed Is Screwing the USA. The Award of the Millenium Goes to the Federal Reserve!

The Fed is screwing the USA. The Fed deserves an award for this achievement. In only one year the screwing has taken place, but the Fed is over 100 years old! The profits of the Fed have given it the special Screw America in Perpetuity Award. This is the award of the millenium because the screwing is continual. So, how does the Fed screw America exactly? Well, it has been reported that the Fed's yearly operating costs are around 5.7 billion dollars per year. But its profits  have increased insanely because of the financial crisis. It was reported by Bernanke that the Fed sent 350 billion to the US treasury since 2009 through 2013. That was more than the previous 18 years. The Fed profits off of crisis. You say, well, yes, but the profits go to the treasury. Only problem with this is that an insane amount of the profits do not go to the treasury. Victoria McGrane wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal on January 10, 2014, where she basically said that the Fed keeps out ope

Formaldehyde Was Dangerous in Furniture. Now We Have Lumber Liquidators and Class Action Lawsuit

When I was contributing to Business Insider, I wrote an article about how your furniture could be making you sick thanks to globalization. Imported furniture from some nations had a large coating of formaldehyde on them. The article was pretty much ignored, even by Business Insider editors. Well, now, there is a class action lawsuit filed in Las Vegas alleging that flooring from Lumber Liquidators could be making you sick as well. It does not surprise me, as much of the flooring is imported as well. My daughter and her son-in-law have a hobby of walking through expensive new homes, and my daughter is very sensitive to formaldehyde. It flat makes her sick. Turns out, she has seen studs used to frame houses and commented that they are being coated in formaldehyde as well. That could be a big problem when it comes to living in a finished house. But flooring is really toxic, and I had commented to her that many houses literally make your eyes burn when you walk into them. That bur

Remembering the Housing Bubble. Demand From First Time Buyers Is at All Time Low

Demand from first time buyers at all time low. Logan has reasons here for the record low demand. There is still a mortgage depression in this nation:  1. Delay in marriage (Dual incomes missing) 2. A lack of a strong paying full-time job with security. 3. Older Americans are unable to retire due to lack of savings – they replace younger workers, who have trouble finding jobs. 4. Having enough for a down payment plus closing cost with taxes impounded is a lot for young aspiring home buyers. 5. Renting isn’t considered a bad option anymore from young Americans. 6. Exotic loans that allow would be homeowners to obtain credit without collateral or income verification are removed from the market. 7. Financially strapped parents are unable to “gift” down payments for first home purchases by their children. 8. Student loan debt impacted household formation from rising and making it more expensive for first time home buyers to buy. 9. Despite the weak first time buyer market, home price

Mark Cuban Wants to Undermine the US Educational System by Capping Student Loan Amounts

Mark Cuban wants to undermine the US educational system by capping student loans. He may think that will force colleges to lower their tuition and fees, but it will likely have the effect of forcing many students to get an education that is less helpful toward future earnings. That is my opinion at least. I don't trust Mark Cuban. But if he knows that the globalist lenders will pull the plug on student loans, he needs to come out and say it instead of beating around the bush. After all, he is a Business Insider isn't he? Here is the article written at Business Insider and you decide if the guy knows something that would crush the educational system. He obviously wants it to crash based on my interpretation of the article. What patriotic American would want the US to have a less educated workforce? It is over my head to figure this guy out. If you don't want to see American children educated, just come out and say it Mark. We know colleges are taking advantage of th