I Can Prove the Fed Is Screwing the USA. The Award of the Millenium Goes to the Federal Reserve!

The Fed is screwing the USA. The Fed deserves an award for this achievement. In only one year the screwing has taken place, but the Fed is over 100 years old! The profits of the Fed have given it the special Screw America in Perpetuity Award. This is the award of the millenium because the screwing is continual.

So, how does the Fed screw America exactly? Well, it has been reported that the Fed's yearly operating costs are around 5.7 billion dollars per year. But its profits  have increased insanely because of the financial crisis. It was reported by Bernanke that the Fed sent 350 billion to the US treasury since 2009 through 2013. That was more than the previous 18 years. The Fed profits off of crisis.

You say, well, yes, but the profits go to the treasury. Only problem with this is that an insane amount of the profits do not go to the treasury.

Victoria McGrane wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal on January 10, 2014, where she basically said that the Fed keeps out operating expenses but sends much of the remainder of the money to the Treasury. Notice the word "much".

So, 90 billion in profits, 5.7 billion in expenses and 77 billion in money sent to the Treasury. Who keeps the leftover billions? According to Forbes in an article published 1/9/2015, written by Samantha Sharf, part of the Fed's expenditures include payment of dividends! What? Who gets the dividends?

Why would there be dividends if this scamming bank is totally public? Well, it isn't. The Fed is a private bank, and Lewis Versus the USA, 1982, proved Fed employees are privately employed.

So, the dividends paid are taxpayer moneys going to the private banks who support the Fed. There should be no dividends, of billions of dollars per year, out of this money. This is American taxpayer money.

Hence, we presented the Screw America in Perpetuity Award to Janet Yellen in a solemn ceremony at my house. She is a short little woman.

I would hope you gain comfort in knowing that the dividends go to the banks in each Fed district, plus additional shareholders, who are private citizens and are likely foreign citizens. Some are Rothschilds. There, does that make you American sleepyheads feel better? I hope it makes you sick.

Some have said that these foreign investors do not exist. They are sometimes the same people who say the dividends paid are less than 1 percent. I have just shown that to be false. While the ownership of the Fed is certainly veiled, we know that there is more here than meets the eye. This is why the Fed does not want an audit of their dividends and where they go. 

If the Rothschilds get a piece of every central bank out there that could add up to some real money.

And yet the Rothschilds are left off of the billionaires list every year. That is because, as many have said, they are trillionaires, and certainly have every means to hide their money. If a small player like Mitt Romney can hide his money offshore, think of what the Rothschilds do.

And you can always write a law making it "legal".

And it isn't just the money. Foreign, especially UK operatives, are appointing people like Timothy Geithner and others to manipulate the monetary policy of the United States and control regulation of the banks. No doubt tiny Janet gets her marching orders from those people.

We know liar loans and adjustable loans, written into US law by the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act, of 1982, were first attempted, on a large scale, in the UK, where they were called Self Certified Loans. I wrote an article on Business Insider about those. It is unfortunate that this act was not labeled, the Liar Loan Act, or the Easy Money Adjustable Loan Act. But that would reveal too much to blind America.

Well, clearly, the UK was the proving ground for those loans and the Thatcherism that brought that deregulation ended up bringing deregulation here.

After all, we already had the US law signed by Ronnie Raygun. He had no clue. That deregulation caused the Savings and Loan Debacle and then the Housing Crisis and Credit Crisis of the Great Recession. Ronnie didn't live to see that manifestation of his handiwork. This worldwide speculation on housing was established by the financial elite.   

You know who they are, the globalist AngloZionists. It has been said that the entire British royalty is bound up with the UK banksters. If one falls the other falls. Virtually all the royals are Zionists.

Why else would the Queen of England have to submit herself to the Lord Mayor of the Crown that counts, the Square Mile Crown, the real power in world finance. The City of London, Londinium, or the City, is not ruled by Parliament. It is a separate and sovereign power protected by the Queen. It fancies itself the new Roman Empire.

Interesting that this Crown Corporation has 12 banks, including the Bank of Rothschild, that rule. The Fed has 12 private banks too. Modeled after the Crown we are.

Timothy Geithner was given a small replica of the Screw America in Perpetuity Award as he was instrumental, as president of the NY Fed, the most powerful Federal Reserve Bank, for allowing liar loans bound up into bogus CDO's and their accompanying CDS derivatives, to be spread all over the world by the other major derivatives criminal, Henry Paulson. Mortgage backed securities were from Hell. And the banking devil was Tim Geithner.

Turns out his term ran parallel to the bogus AAA rated bonds and bad loans, given to anyone with a pulse, were spread far and wide and even to our own local governments, who are still struggling with derivatives.

And that doesn't even account for the criminal act of spreading interest rate derivatives, an even bigger market than the mortgage backed securities. Those derivatives were for governments to hedge potential inflation. Of course, the Fed tipped the banks, who all knew that inflation would be under control for years, and the banks took the other side of the bet. Governments lost big time, with no relief as this piece is being written. Don't hold your breath for justice on that one. 

And yet no RICO prosecutions for securities fraud, especially for passing out bogus Mortgage Backed Securities?

Those two banksters, Geithner from the Fed and Paulson from Goldman Sachs, were rewarded in this screwing of America with jobs as Secretaries of the Treasury. Fook both of them, in perpetuity.

And Fook the Fed in perpetuity as well. Criminals with a license is all they are. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction. 


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