Mark Cuban Wants to Undermine the US Educational System by Capping Student Loan Amounts

Mark Cuban wants to undermine the US educational system by capping student loans. He may think that will force colleges to lower their tuition and fees, but it will likely have the effect of forcing many students to get an education that is less helpful toward future earnings. That is my opinion at least.

I don't trust Mark Cuban. But if he knows that the globalist lenders will pull the plug on student loans, he needs to come out and say it instead of beating around the bush. After all, he is a Business Insider isn't he?

Here is the article written at Business Insider and you decide if the guy knows something that would crush the educational system. He obviously wants it to crash based on my interpretation of the article.

What patriotic American would want the US to have a less educated workforce? It is over my head to figure this guy out. If you don't want to see American children educated, just come out and say it Mark.

We know colleges are taking advantage of the system. The answer is to put price controls on the colleges, not to stop allowing kids an education because they cannot get a loan.

Capping the loan amount for students will leave them out in the cold regarding their effort to obtain an education.

Notice the comment section, where a fellow said interest rates should be capped, allowing students the ability to afford loan payback. The banksters shills who dominated the voting and commenting now at Business Insider all voted that down massively. I don't understand why that website apparently allows these folks who want a weaker America to control the comments.

All the anti bankster guys have pretty much stopped commenting on Business Insider as far as I can tell. There are still a few, but some of them are kooky libertarians. There are not as many as when I was submitting articles to the site.

If the private sector cannot handle education, perhaps the government should take the program of education over and cap costs. Cuban is admitting that capitalism is a big fail here, and I agree with that.

But don't punish the student like America punished the homeowner.

Capitalism fails and the capitalists get reimbursed while the borrower gets the shaft. That is sick.


  1. Why Christians Should Not Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

  2. Off the subject, but peace is important. Christians should not be taking over other nations. That is a false sacralism. However, Paul was a citizen, a patriot, if you will of Rome and appealed to Rome for justice. All nations are under God, but none are holy. There was only one holy nation and it went away in 70 AD.

    All nations are under God in that God turns the leaders of those nations to do his will. You are sort of splitting hairs. I have always thought the pledge of allegiance was voluntary and no big deal.

    You are wrong if you say Sunday is the Christian Sabbath. Faith is the Christian Sabbath, Hebrews chapter 3 and 4.

  3. One more point, the US has used financial chicanery against the people, like liar loans, to fund military expansion, in the housing bubble. With regard to college students, they are being bogged down by student loans and refuse to buy houses. That makes banksters very nervous. So you are right when you say the US acts like God does not exist. But that is His plan and it will be carried out no matter what the nations do.


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