The History of Globalization Cannot Be Placed with University Historians

Many like those writing the above article, seek to have historians from universities document globalization. There is a serious problem with this approach. Many of the political and religious and economic factors that influence globalization are backed by real conspiracies.

I don't see colleges even bothering to explore these conspiracies. They want to keep main stream. They want to establish their credibility and they would either have to debunk conspiracies, which is a process of lying about 9/11, Sandy Hook, the motive for the Iraq War, the plan for regime change in the middle east, etc., or they would have to ignore the conspiracies. Serious students would tear them apart, intellectually.

So I can understand why historians don't want to touch globalization with a 10 foot pole. Even Noam Chomsky, who approaches the issue of globalization from an historical perspective, has a blind spot when it comes to conspiracy. There are virtually no conspiracies that he will accept. He denies them all, even those with a boatload of circumstantial evidence.

I wrote a satire piece, accusing Prof. Chomsky of having the Ebulla Virus, a make believe virus that keeps people from seeing conspiracy and from seeing the forest for the trees. Here is a sample:

There is no cure for the Ebulla Virus except in extraordinary instances. Some have tried to box one around the ears, trying to jar the barnacle like substance off the outside crust of brain tissue. That has only worked twice, with Mike Tyson and this author. But, Chomsky won't let anyone get close enough to box his ears. MIT security is just too strong to attempt an intervention.

Other famous individuals have had the Ebulla Virus and it still clings to their brains. One notable infected one is Whoopi Goldberg, who can't be convinced by Rosie O'donnell or even when threatened with a body slam by Jesse Ventura, to believe in the obvious 9/11 conspiracy. It is a shame, really.

Chomsky is the smartest man to ever have had the disease. Not only does the virus affect the ability to spot conspiracy, but it also inflicts what is known as Can't-See-the-Forest-For-the-Trees syndrome.



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