Were collateralized debt obligations (CDO) responsible for the 2008 financial crisis?


Turns out, the Bankruptcy Bill of 2007, which destroyed the ability for a clean break from one's past debts, forced people out of their homes, exactly what the bankers wanted. They got their property back.

Not covered in this article is that the Republicans pushed this bill and are the evil culprits, but a small group of Democrats, led by Harry Reid, enabled the bill to be passed.

This article points out that the wicked Bankruptcy Bill of 2007 has caused a special scorn to be placed upon these Democrats who abandoned their constituency for the rich and powerful.

Harry Reid deserves scorn for passing this Wicked Zionist bill. He has done much for the New World Order and if he lost sight in both eyes (he injured himself and lost sight in one eye), it would not repay the damage he has done to the American middle class and poor.

No one hopes Harry Reid goes blind or that politicians suffer horrific injury for their evil deeds, but it would be a just and fair result for his betrayal of Mainstreet USA. Perhaps God has shown his wrath on Harry Reid, with the severe accident he encountered.

The passage of the Bankruptcy Bill forced homeowners out and destroyed the CDO's. Harry was likely not even aware that this result was exactly what the central banks wanted as they clearly profit off of crisis. 


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