I Found This Business Insider Comment to Be Insightful about Greece and Evil Banks

This comment pretty much sums it all up about Greece, evil banks and our housing bubble here in the USA. I highlighted the reader's comment on the US housing bubble which pretty much explains the banks and their thievery. Demetri was voted down by the trolls who inhabit the comment section of Business Insider, but who cares? Thank you Demetri:

demetri on Apr 23, 8:05 PM said:
Germany WILL eat their owns words: Greece Will Prosper...We don't need Any EuroNazi's.

I can not wait till Greece tells all of you mother phockers what you can all go do with yourselves.

The EU COMMISSION, IMF & ECB is now considered by EU Citizens a FRAUD & FARCE-- Junker, Rehn, Merkel, Schultz and Legarde have become rich from the EU & IMF salaries they make and thus all have become hypocrites to the rest of EU citizens who are suffering austerity! -- Did you know IMF head Legarde had her house raided by French Police for financial fraud? Same with Junker who is in trouble for Fraud, and then we have ECB's Mario Draghi worked for corrupt Goldman Sachs group in Europe---- It is absolutely incredible the Criminals we have running the IMF & Euro Zone, who have been using Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Cyprus as a “test cases” to see just how gullible EU citizens are, by trying to make them Debt-Slaves for life!

. When Siemens was sued in Germany in 2011 over unethical business practices, it was revealed that it has doled out millions upon millions of euros to Greek politicians to grant Siemens lucrative government contracts regarding major public works projects related to the 2004 Olympics. ( In fact, 90% of all companies that were charged with bribery in Greece are German and the German government knew what was happening) so Berlin also needs to accept much of this responsibility and not try to play stupid with Greece. )

It was also revealed in that trial that the German government at that time (Gerhard Schroeder) knew about these bribes but did nothing about it because Germany was in a recession back then and the German government knew that if German companies got those contracts, it would mean new jobs in Germany. And let's not even get into the unpaid war reparations Germany still owes Greece (which amounts to 398 billion euros adjusted for inflation). So before you tell us what a great country Germany is, you may want to look at the big picture first.

Anyone would think that 95 % of the people who insult and make absurd comments against Greece 24/7 days a week does not know what these schemers are insinuating in their term " Default and Grexit ":

It means ---- ( Thank Samaras for his cowardly treason )Germany wanted an airport in dead center of Athens to fly their military aircraft over Greece. . .Germany wanted 12 1/2 of our Greek Islands. .. Germany wanted the country to close hundreds of foreclosed properties from their illegal austerity measures that the little rat Samaras approved, along with cutting more than half of the elderly retirement source of living, and closing hospitals for medical care, their electrical power lines for heating this winter, and cause families to near homelessness. You lost Germany - we don't treat our people the way you do.

Germany wanted the mineral rights to Greece - from renewable wind power, solar power plants, gas and oil, to drilling off of Crete and 12 other islands... to furthermore insult and try to destroy Greece. Get out - nobody in Greece wants anyone of you EuroNazi's and we will never allow our country to be German - that's preposterous. !!!! "

How would Americans react in their current 30 %underemployed/unemployed circumstance... if China started to impose spending cuts and tax hikes on each the person, that would amount to $3 trillion a year ?? There would be also wage cuts on a scale averaging down 25 percent from their peak, and the unrelenting abuse each hour to force citizens into homelessness , lack of medical emergency and destitute ?

The Federal Reserve and its Parent the Bank of England has been successful in stealing millions of properties through the housing crises which occurred in England prior to it happening in the US. Here's how it works in a nutshell. The banks which are provided funds by the Federal Reserve (digital funds) loan money to every breathing soul in America without feeling the need to have documents to prove anything stated on the loan doc EXCEPT the false info that was written. Then as the money is flooded into the demand side of home buying and the prices move upward rapidly, people are borrowing greater amounts of fake digital money that never existed, then the Fed manipulates the interest rate up, starts a rash of defaults which as we all know a default means the BANK owns the property now. So the bank which never put up any real money for the loan (just digital money that they did not have) gets the property when you default. Multiply this scam x millions and you have transferred the deed and title of millions of homes to the banks. Then to top it all off, the bankers convince our (in on the scam congress and the president) to make the citizens bail out the banks so not only did the banks become the owners of all these properties but they also got nice gifts for their epic scam in the form of cash from the citizens who have to pay back the bail out.

The idea that one central bank of the EU can set monetary and fiscal policy for 28 nations is where the problem lies. All other countries who control their currency are manipulating their economies despite debt loads exponentially greater than Greece. Did you think we would just sit back and not fight? Just let our agriculture rot away and decrease over 40 % of our economic monetary funds because Germany said so. Or let thousands of immigrants flood our country because Germany's business pal Turkey found huge profits from dumping those poor people without medical passes or documents into Greece. That is the sole responsibility of Germany to pay for all those immigrants who have flooded Southern Mediterranean counties.

You slander Greeks but there are many other countries in Europe that have more debt than Greece has .Italy and Spain debt to GDF ratio is 325%, the U.K is more then 500%, and Ireland is 667 %. But I don't here you or anyone calling them insulting names and criticizing there nation. This is no way to treat a nation that you admire so much. And part of those faults are even our own... we still fight the prior Greek government which continues to bribe kids into starting riots and make false propaganda From Samaras. why don't you start talking about the other countries exiting ? Or have they been continuously paid off to shut their mouths ?

( Evil always hates those who are fighting against it - no matter what side its in. )

Deadbeats should be kicked out of societies with disciplines and responsibilities. Greece has always paid every single cent. Banks do not led out funds to countries who don't pay. A half of billion Euros were paid last week, and instead of receiving a simple gesture...insulting comments and false bantering from every bribed country is what we continue to receive 24/7.

Germany who owes Greece loans from 1950,1952,1999, and without counting yet interest accrued on """ 278.7 billion euros ($302 billion)....equaling : $398 billion with accrued interests in War reparations. """" LOOK AT YOURSELVES FIRST AND PAY-UP !!!

Russia and China represent the 9th and 2nd largest economies in the world. They are not deadbeats as Germany is, and Greece's ports on the Med provide a very strategic location to both import and export gas and oil to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. You seem to want to talk about rhetoric instead of real issues.

If EU wants to kick Greece out...Go Ahead . You are playing with fire. ( I believe other poor economies who have taken in the bribes will be tempted to leave) and The EU doesn't want to push them toward Russia. And guess where those countries will go asking for help? But what will those countries have to offer?

Would you offer Insults and bantering in trying to make uneducated blind lemmings follow the lies they can print each hour 24/7 ? People know the truth - they are being fooled by EuroNazi Crazy beggers.

Personally, from all the insults you seem to love making...I want you all to go deal with it yourselves. How much of a loser can you possibly be...

how deplorable and flat out cowardly. Germany must be dead inside, and the only sense of living they feel is to insult and Banter Greece, and make everyone in Europe feel miserable and angry against us. Go ahead keep making rhetoric against us. Appease yourselves with over zealous lies

Pathetic...How deplorable ...and flat out cowardly...

Germany owes Greece 398 Billion Euros in War reparations, which does not include the gold looted out of Athens by Hitler's Army, and the artifacts taken by other countries which need to return.

Good luck with all your lying you trolling pipsqueaks

I used to contribute to Business Insider and these articles are often still applicable. Just scroll down to them.There are a few pages of them. I was not allowed to post at some point. I know that they moved to gain more control over content decisions, and have been more pro banker and more pro US government since then. Anyway here is the link to my articles:


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