I Have Written About Eugenics Before. Are Chemtrails a Eugenics Tool?

Eugenics is the science of depopulation. What is of concern is that presidents, like Obama, potential presidents, like Romney, have had Eugenics scientists as advisers. That should concern everyone. I wrote about Eugenics at Business Insider. The link is below along with other study tools.

One way to establish the goals of Eugenics could be the establishment of chemtrails. I am not convinced chemtrails do harm, but it is worth a study. Here are some questions regarding chemtrails:

1. Are chemtrails used to alleviate drought or to exacerbate drought?

2. Are chemtrails used to weaken the immune system of people so they need to buy more pharmaceuticals? Does big pharma profit from chemtrails?

3. Are chemtrails a weapon of war and where are they being used as such?

These are all issues that should be explored. Again, I have not come to a conclusion about them. I am concerned that one pilot has spilled the beans as to the motive for chemtrails and it was for national security.

That leads the the 4th question: How do chemtrails impact national security?

Anyway, there are some fairly disturbing quotes and information that people may want to view and study:



Here is my Business Insider article about Eugenics:


Again, I do not know that this chemtrail effort poses a threat to Americans or the world. But it could. If the globalists make comments about it, and they have, it should be taken seriously. 


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