Jane Stanley Reported Salomon Building Down While It Was Standing. Victim's Brother Sues BBC.


A brother of a 9/11 victim Geoff Campbell, went into British Court accusing the BBC of covering up the murder of that brother. The coverup of course was evident as the BBC reported the WTC7 Tower, not the one hit by a plane, was down. But it wasn't yet down!

The BBC reported the destruction of WTC7 20 minutes prior to its actual falling! We know this act of coverup by the globalist media was part of the overall globalist plan to destroy the towers, and gain American support for regime change in the Middle East.

Turns out, the WTC7 was standing in the background as the reporter, Jane Stanley, reported it down. She reported at 5 pm but the tower didn't fall until 5:20. The WTC7, or Salomon Building was seen in the top right of the background, behind her left ear, while the two reporters were discussing its demise in the past tense!

Notice that Stanley was in the sunshine, and that this was a live report with the WTC skyline in the back. This was not some little mistake, but is a smoking gun proving 9/11 was a conspiracy.

 In the article link above at the American Free Press, the author writes:

"In 2007 the BBC ran a documentary which claimed that despite what hundreds of professional engineers, physicists, demolition experts, and scientists were claiming about free fall of WTC Building 7, they were in fact wrong and there was no free fall of WTC Building 7."
So, the BBC was, 6 years after the big lie, still lying about WTC7, which did fall at nearly the rate of gravity.

Globalist Zionism is a multiracial cabal that is responsible for this evil deed, this crime of the millennium. The globalists include the Neocons and the royals of the UK as well as big finance, ie. the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  


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