Root for Greece, Just Like You Root for Russia and Argentina.

You have to be rooting for Greece. Greece has only been able to pay back debt to the German and Euro Banks through borrowing money. Now that smacks of Ponzi Scheming, and the Greeks know this and don't want to pay the money back without a serious restructuring. 

The globalist Eurozone, founded on a doctrine of a single currency but not a single central bank or sovereign government, forces Greece and the other poorer nations to avoid printing their own money. This makes their debt insurmountable.

You have to root for the sovereign nations against the globalist cabal. Greece, Iceland, Russia, and Argentina are nations that have sought to exert their sovereignty against the policies of the New World Order.

The propaganda and bad press from places like Business Insider, Reuters and the rest has been heavy, indeed. Articles speaking to the financial disaster in Russia, the lawlessness of Argentina, and the slothfulness of Greece seem to pop up daily, with a rest now and again.

Yet, the globalist system wants to take away your freedom and not just the freedom of the above cited nations. It wants a cashless society, where you would have to deposit your money you don't spend, into the bank. That would be bad if interest rates were to turn negative. You would have to pay to park your money.

It wants gun control, to make it easier to foster other laws. It wants gun owners to hate blacks until it figures out a way to disarm them.

It wants you to buy into self driving cars without the freedom to drive your own car.

It has stated on occasion that it wants you to stop blogging and stop considering free speech a right, through Lindsey Graham and Diane Feinstein. 

The system cannot be trusted. If you are a patriot and you want the US to be a sovereign nation with its own foreign policy and good relations with Russia, Argentina and Greece, then you have to be rooting for these nations to stand firm and sovereign in the face of the globalist onslaught of economic totalitarianism. 

International bankers and Bush/Cheney globalist warmongers have bossed the USA around long enough. As Jamie Dimon said, and I paraphrase, if we break the law, fine our bank. We can afford it. 


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