The Darkest Example of the Globalist Evil Could Have Been JFK's Assassination by LBJ

Truly, one of the darkest examples of globalization,and maybe the key example of globalization, was the assassination of JFK by LBJ. This video has a boatload of serious evidence, and every patriotic American should read about it because, as I wrote on Facebook:

I don't mind debating it, but Putin is seeking sovereign freedom. Obama admitted that the US undermined the Ukraine government with the goal to surround Russia. Put yourself in Putin's place. He has a sovereign nation. We are ruled by the globalists. Our last truly sovereign president was JFK. LBJ put an end to that: Watch it all and realize LBJ called JFK the Irish Mafia. LBJ's aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher, was a rabid Zionist and a member of Zionist organizations. If you have the fortitude, listen to this. Oh, and by the way, LBJ's best friend, D Harold Byrd owned the Texas Book Depository.

So, I am no fan of Putin because his lack of tolerance of others, but the real empire today is the neo Roman Empire run in the Square Mile. We are continually pushed around by the Square Mile and Israel. Big oil and big finance are one.

The video that follows is not a complete record of all things that connect LBJ to John F. Kennedy's assassination, but certainly there is enough evidence to convince most people that he did the evil deed to our last sovereign president.

 Zionist globalism is a multiracial movement and cabal of elites from all races. It is a relatively small band of men and women, but they are mainly involved in media, and politics,  and include UK royalty, US politicians almost entirely, the nation of Israel, big finance and big oil. 

LBJ's aunt Hatcher was a Zionist globalist. LBJ did not want Kennedy to take away oil tax advantage, and did not want him to overturn the existence of the CIA and did not want him to weaken the Federal Reserve, and did not want him to get in the way of the Israeli nuclear program.


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