Truth Comes Out--Cashless Society Necessary to Collect on Negative Interest Rates

The truth is coming out. The reason the banksters want a cashless society is because they want you to pay them when interest rates turn negative. They want to tax you for lending them money!

I have been warning about this. It was always couched in a discussion over convenience, over the fact people don't need cash. Well, when they start collecting interest on negative interest rates, you know, below zero percent, and you can't get cash anymore, you will wish you had cash.

Yes, one day you will miss the cash that you disdain now.

Think about it. It is totalitarianism and is the goal of the bankers, who really are banksters. They aren't happy to fleece you with asset inflation and speculation. No, that isn't enough for them. They want a piece of your deposits. They say they want to save the economy. But what they really want to do is to keep the rich entrenched, as they will own everything else, since they won't want to pay the tax.

Wake up sleepy America! 

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