These Billionaires Have it Out for Mainstreet

These bilionaires want to gut social security, public pensions and all that keeps them from getting richer. Pete Peterson is the most offensive of them all along with the Koch Brothers who are not mentioned here:

Here is the author's list of bad billionaires but there are many more, and they want bank bailouts instead of spending on social security and pensions even though you contributed to those. Some sought to rig employment markets to their own benefits.

1. Pete Peterson

This exceedingly evil billionaire came up with the idea that entitlements are bad even though the definition of an entitlement is that you are entitled to it.  There is nothing wrong with being entitled to something. He believes entitlement austerity will lead to more wealth for him. He is not unlike Andrew Mellon who pushed for austerity as a solution to the Great Depression in the 1930's.

Peterson also wanted to divide old and young and has done so by implying that the young don't want social security to be around and want cuts to it. 

2. John D. Arnold

This wicked billionaire used his Enron trading money to build a hedge fund. He used the earnings to  attack pensions saying there was a pension crisis when in most cases that is not true. He wants to preserve big business tax breaks while creating a fake, or astroturf, pension crisis.

3. Charles Munger Jr.

He gerrymandered the districts to give Republicans control with 1/3rd power to stop budgets . It made Californians mad and they voted the Republicans out. 

4. Tom Perkins

He believes you should pay to vote, and if you pay a million dollars, you should get a million votes.

5. Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and others.

These guys tried to rig the markets for tech workers, by promising not to hire each others' employees. This drove wages down.


These wicked billionaires are doing the bidding of the globalist elite. They are seeking more money to feed their greed. They are the war class making war against everyone else. They are doing this by controlling and paying for the media and politicians.


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