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Ed Gilligan of AMX Dies Suddenly: Go to Hell Do Not Pass Go!

Ed Gilligan of AMX dies suddenly. He is slated for hell and will not get to pass go to collect his 200 dollars. That sounds harsh, I know. But this man was evil, like all the credit card moguls who pushed rates up during the time that the Federal Reserve was pushing rates down to zero. People like Ed Gilligan screwed a lot of people and caused a lot of hardship in America when the middle class was most vulnerable. So, he was a 55 year old guy who looked like he was 70. What do you expect? People say Gilligan was successful, but I posted what I thought at CNN: He was successful in raising interest rates on middle class people while the Fed was lowering wholesale interest rates to zero. I don't think God would call that successful and he is starting to demand lives. And that is indeed the truth of the matter.  Gilligan was vice chairman in 2007 and that was when interest rates started going up as the Fed lowered the rates, between September 18, 2007 and 2009. Rates went f

Greece Says No Capital Controls. Greek Banks Fail then Die Greek Central Bank! Die!

Die Greek central bank, die! Greeks have the Eurozone by the balls. Greek mortgages and most of the country's debt are in Euros. So if Greece were to exit the Eurozone, and take on a new currency, there would be massive default on all those mortgages.  It is expected that the Greek Drachma would decline in value compared to the Euro, and Euro banks would have massive mortgage defaults and other loan defaults that far outweight the government defaults to the IMF and Eurozone government. So, Greece has the Eurozone by the balls. If the Greek banks default due to capital controls not being implimented by the Greek government, the Bank of Greece, the central bank, will be screwed. The bank of Greece is part of the Eurozone system, and its default would smack the Eurozone right in the cajones. Greece stated that capital controls will not be implemented. Any government in the Eurozone can quickly have its central bank on the ropes simply by not paying debt and by not implementin

Please Support the Memory of Fred Ross Sr.'s Work with Farm Workers. Sign Petition

I supported this petition with the quote below. Please support the work of Fred Ross Sr. and the memory of that work by signing the petition to award Fred Ross Sr the Presidential Medal of Freedom: I grew up in Coalinga, California. I know the work of farmworkers was and is grossly under appreciated. Fred Ross Sr. was a giant in establishing better conditions and fairness for farmworkers, first white Oklahomans and then Hispanic workers. This I can tell you, each one of these farmworkers can work circles around the average American. And labor is under attack everywhere by the Zionist globalists (a multiracial but unjust cabal), that rules the western world. Unions are busted and too much money has gravitated to the top while wages and house prices have been manipulated to suit the elite. Fred Ross Sr shows Americans how things ought to be, not as they have become in this America that is exhibiting some really fascist tendencies. Racism and bigotry have taken over and I know the cab

Reddit Handles Discussions of Zionism in an Intelligent Matter

 I posted this at a Reddit thread (link below). There are others and I have not read them all, but certainly Reddit moderators have tried to bring some intelligence and critical thinking to this subject of Zionism versus Judaism: I appreciate an intelligent discussion about this issue. One thing I want to add is that some scholars say that in the early 20th centuries, Rabbis "converted" from Judaism to Zionism. But Zionism really is not a religion. It is a political movement and perhaps a psuedo religion, but not a religion. I am tolerant of Judaism as a religion. I am not tolerant of Zionism as a political movement. It turns out that Zionists often accuse antiZionists of antiSemitism, but that is not what I am about. I tolerate Jewish religion that is peaceful, as I do all religion that is peaceful. That is the America Way according to the First Amendment. I hope people understand that from a religious perspective, Zionism cannot found a legitimate Zion, only the Mess

Globalism Gone Berserk: The Three Way Tussle for Khazaria in the Ukraine.

This post has been updated on 2/18/2017 Before reading this please consider I have Jewish roots. I have both North African/Yemenite Jewish roots and Ashkenazi Jewish roots based on testing at Gedmatch. I oppose antiSemitism completely, and support tolerance towards all peoples. But do not support Zionism as a political This is probably the most important single political statement I have ever made but the research backing Israelis linked to Khazars is wrong: Interesting (article),  but we need to understand what is going on here. We have Ukrainians who are fascistic, opposed to Zionists who want to occupy most of the Ukraine. The Israeli research shows that many Israelis have a connection to the Khazars.  So, we have a three way fight for the Ukraine.   We have Israel, who wants a Second Israel,  we have the Ukrainian nationalists, and we have Russians. The Ukrainians who kicked out the Russians, and the Russians know full well who is the most dangerous player in this tussle, t Pamela Geller Is a Wicked and Racist and Hateful Z... Pamela Geller Is a Wicked and Racist and Hateful Z... : Americans, both Jew and non Jew, are at risk. Pamela Geller is putting at risk our way of life as Americans. Geller is an aggressive Zionis... ------------------- This article is from my new blog. I have not stopped my old blog, as I continue to point out examples of globalization. However, the new blog specifically targets Zionist excess. Zionism is multiracial, except in Israel. Zionism is where the money is, which generally means the US does what the Zionists want in foreign policy. That is not always the case, as we see with Iran. But Zionism has come to our shores with an attempt to make the US into the image of Israel, and that is a bigoted and hateful nation. Read the article and you will see what I mean. I stand for tolerance of all religions, and that is the American Way. Zionism is not Judaism. The two are incompatible, since Zionism is a recent political movement, and Judaism is an ancient

Wall Street Is Driving Up Rents in Certain Cities. This Is New World Order Gone Berserk! So, now, Wall Street is driving up rents. This is a prime example of what happens when Wall Street, and the New World Order, get hold of real estate. It is destructive to the national interest and insures poverty. It is time the government of the USA started calling off these dogs. Otherwise, boycott the bay area, and LA as well.

I Wrote This to Southern Poverty Law Center about Pamela Geller

I wrote this to Southern Poverty Law Center about Pamela Geller: Sirs, I appreciate the work you are doing against Pam Geller. However, one must realize that Geller is the essence of Zionism. Zionism is not Judaism as you well know. It is a political movement that is racist from the beginning, bigoted from the start. Zionists will throw Jews under the bus for their cause, just like Charlie Hebdo, the pro Israeli magazine did. Anything to start a war with peaceful Muslims or with blacks, is fair game for these right wing Zionists. The fact of the matter is that there are liberal Zionists, and many non Jewish Zionists like Obama who really don't speak out against Geller and her ilk. Why anyone would be a non Jewish Zionist makes no sense to me. But we are in the Ukraine, and the non Jewish Zionists like Obama and Biden are into the Ukraine up to their eyeballs, and that because the Zionists have learned that most Israelis are Khazars. I wrote an article about it and will share i

Hannity, Drudge and All Assorted Race Baiters Were Disappointed Baltimore Didn't Fall Into Race War

The multiracial Zionist bitches who rule the media, people like Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge, Bill Kristol and the Rush Limbaugh seemed genuinely disappointed that there was not a knock down, drag out race war in Baltimore. First, we have them itching for the fight, and their tweets and comments show it. So, then, when the prosecutor indicted the cops, the right wing Zionist media (there is a left Zionist media too), came out hating that she offered peace for justice. Some woman on Hannity who used to be a judge looking like she was in pain with her finger up her ass said the prosecutor stretched the rules of ethics for prosecutors. If I really believed that was Hannity's main concern, I could almost be interested. But peace is not what Hannity wants. People don't watch his little swamp scum of a program when there are no riots. Mainstream media racebaits, hoping for riots to boos their ratings. that is how little respect they have for the American people. The globalist

Israel Awarded Franchisor of the Millennium for Plans to Clone Itself: Second Israel!

Israel has been awarded the Franchisor of the Millenium Award for its plan to clone itself and establish a second Israel. As hair brained as this idea is, the fact is, the Ukraine has been chosen to be that franchise. This proven Zionist conspiracy for the world has been revealed. Read on. Don't sell Israel short. What KFC can do, Israel can do better. I like KFC a whole lot better than I like Israel, however. I am starting to dislike Israel even though I have Jewish roots. This satirical article will show you some truth that you will find very unsettling to the world view of many. The Ukraine and Israel have a lot in common. They are, taken together, likely the false flag capitals of the world.  There is proof of this plan of a second Israel, as Putin has voiced concerns when Israel announced it would be sending arms to that nation. He did so on April 16, 2015 according to the International Business Times. And the plan to clone the Ukraine into the image of Israel has