Ed Gilligan of AMX Dies Suddenly: Go to Hell Do Not Pass Go!

Ed Gilligan of AMX dies suddenly. He is slated for hell and will not get to pass go to collect his 200 dollars. That sounds harsh, I know. But this man was evil, like all the credit card moguls who pushed rates up during the time that the Federal Reserve was pushing rates down to zero.

People like Ed Gilligan screwed a lot of people and caused a lot of hardship in America when the middle class was most vulnerable. So, he was a 55 year old guy who looked like he was 70. What do you expect?

People say Gilligan was successful, but I posted what I thought at CNN:

He was successful in raising interest rates on middle class people while the Fed was lowering wholesale interest rates to zero. I don't think God would call that successful and he is starting to demand lives.

And that is indeed the truth of the matter.  Gilligan was vice chairman in 2007 and that was when interest rates started going up as the Fed lowered the rates, between September 18, 2007 and 2009. Rates went from 5.25 percent to .25 percent during that time and I remember interest rates jumped as much as 10 percent during that time for credit cards.

Some people had contracts with the credit card companies not to raise the rates more than 2 percent above prime, and yet the companies broke those contracts!

And credit card rates remain at historic highs, around 15 percent for good credit, even though the Fed has left the funds rate at .25 percent since the mortgage crisis!

So, the credit card compamies, banksters by another name, offered low rates to Americans. Then the banksters also offered teaser rates to homeowners at about the same time. So, then the whole thing crashed and the credit card companies proceeded to raise rates and put Americans into a form of slavery.

They offered low rates, then other bankers offered low teaser mortgage rates. Neither can be paid back when they hold people captive with high rates. On top of that, when the housing bubble burst, this Gilligan and his evil hoard raised rates while the Fed was lowering rates. He is wicked, and so were the bankers who offered the teaser rates and option arms and the like.

So, these folks are gouging the American people, including AMX, with rates not seen for a long time. There is no inflation, other than for gas and food, and yet these rates are at historic highs.

And we know that credit card moguls have fought to stop any fee increases on their businesses, leaving retail stores, a low margin business, to carry the burden. 

I am happy God is starting to demand something for this unprecedented age of financial greed. Greed mongers, beware!

So, I tried to post on CNN Money. You know how those censors are as they cannot handle the truth. Here are two posts that are now just pending:

 Johny DC, you hook people in with low rates and then the financial system comes undone and you make them slaves with high rates. You are all going to hell. It is immoral what you do.


This is one of the most wicked men who once lived on the face of the earth. We have Fed rates at .25 percent and historically high rates bleeding average Americans. Screw any talk of morality from people like this. He is gone and he will pay a heavy price with God. I can guarantee it. I suppose you would have looked at Hitler's moral side, or Ben-Gurion's moral side. They were murderers. But this guy did as Will Rogers said, Wall Street lets you bleed to death slowly.

And that has not changed.

That cowardly CNN. Zionism rules CNN. 

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